Wolf and Whistle Crop Leggings – Sustainable Activewear!

Hi Everyone!

I’m back and bringing to you my first activewear post! I’ve been going to the gym for a while now and I finally decided to save and buy myself a pair of nice new activewear pants. In true form I spent about 2 weeks researching several brands looking for an ethical and sustainable pair that also suited my style needs. I narrowed it down to 4 pairs from 4 different brands, I think I might do a little roundup post too just to share my findings.

Anyway I settled on this pair of Mesh Panel Crop Leggings in Red by Wolf and Whistle.


These were actually released the week I was starting to look so the timing seemed to be perfect! They have a full collection in the red with different cuts of tops and pants, and they also have a leopard print which was extremely tempting. You can see their whole range of activewear here. I went with the red because I knew I’d always be comfortable with this colour at the gym and the mesh panels really caught my eye. When I first tried them on my partner said “I know these are new but they look like you’ve always had them” a perfect match for me!


These pants are made from a polyester created from recycled plastic bottles, specially knit for performance wear. They have an incredibly soft to touch and are very smooth on the skin. The black mesh panels over the legs make them quite breathable and I never feel too stuffy or sweaty in these.


Wolf and Whistle also have a strong ethical policy and they are a brand I trust to manufacture ethically, and considering the sustainability of these I knew they would be a win. They use Repreve fabric and they have some really interesting stats and info on their website about the fabrics. At the time of writing this they have recycled over 14 billion plastic bottles! The recycled fabric also takes fewer resources to create than starting with a fibre from scratch.


These pants feature an interior pocket which is the PERFECT size for my trusty old iPod Classic! They won’t fit a big smartphone but they will definitely fit any dedicated music device you have, or maybe just a couple of cards, keys and lipbalm if you’re heading out for a run. The thick waistband is also really comfortable and doesn’t cut in when I’m doing yoga or core exercises.


The size chart recommends a size 10 for my 29” waist and 14-16 for my 44” hips. I decided to split the difference and go with a 12 since I knew they’d have a decent bit of stretch and I didn’t want a super baggy waist. I really like this size, I definitely had to squeeze in the first time but I find them to be a really comfortable and snug knit. They are quite firm but they definitely have enough stretch to size down in an area if you need to.


I’ve already mentioned how much I love the mesh, I think it’s a really fun and strong looking detail that breaks up what would otherwise be plain pants. They also feature a diamond shaped gusset insert which is perfect for a comfortable squad or lunge as the crotch seam doesn’t have as much tension on it. It definitely makes me feel like I have a little extra mobility and I can’t feel any strain on the pants.


These leggings retail for £38 which is around $73NZD which is so reasonable considering they are produced ethically and sustainably. These have a size range of XXS-XL which is a UK 6-16 but some of their other styles go up to a UK 26! I’ve had these for a couple of months now and am still absolutely in love with them! I might try out some more of their range at a later date too. If you’re looking for some new workout pants then try out Wolf and Whistle, the price is great, they are produced sustainably and they have options from plain black to bright blue snake print to suit whatever vibe you want to go for with your workout.

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4 Natural Deodorants Compared

Hi everyone,

Back when I first started my blog I used to post a lot more about skincare and makeup and although I still do the occasional posts it’s more along the lines of vintage inspired fashion and lingerie. But today I’m back with a non-pinup related review!


For a few years I’ve been using aluminium free natural deodorants and today I thought I’d share a few reviews of what I’ve been trying.

I made the switch because I was frequently getting sore underarms and I wasn’t sure why. I was getting pretty concerned and was worried it might have something to do with my lymph nodes. I read a lot online about causes and thought trying an aluminium-free deodorant seemed like an easy thing to try. I can safely say that after over 2 years of using aluminium-free deodorant I no longer get the pains which is quite a weight off my shoulders.

One of the fears I had with using natural deodorant is that I would start sweating more as most natural deodorants do not contain any antiperspirant properties. If I’m at the gym or on a very busy shift at work then I do end up with damp underarms but it’s not something I pay a lot of attention to as it’s never very visible and if I’m using the right deodorant there isn’t an odor. Another thing I worried about was the deodorant not actually working and masking any smell. The effectiveness definitely depends on the deodorant but after my body adjusted to natural deodorants (3-4 weeks) then I wasn’t worried about it.

Onto the reviews!


First up is the Lemon & Bergamont deodorant by Sublime Face & Body. I bought this when I went on holiday to Ohakune last year at The Craft Haus. This felt like the perfect little gift to myself to remind me of my trip after it had finished!

Smell: This deodorant smells just like a lemon slice one of my auntie’s used to make for me every time I went to her house. It is such an addictive scent and feels very homey. 9/10

Product: This comes in a paste in a small glass jar which is a bit weighty but easy to carry. To apply this you use a small pea sized amount and rub it into your underarms. It does have a bit of white residue so I would give it a couple of minutes before putting my shirt on and I wipe my hands after using it so it doesn’t transfer. 6/10

Effectiveness: I found this deodorant to be really effective. I used it from when I bought it until I finished the jar off. I didn’t feel the need to substitute in a more heavy-duty chemical deodorant at any point. I did use this throughout winter and spring. 8/10

Sustainability: The glass jar and plastic lid are recyclable but there is a foam insert in the lid which will need to be binned.

Overall: I like this deodorant and I think I’ll be purchasing another soon as I miss it after this review. A nice little deodorant for a vanity. 7.5/10


Next is the Sukin Natural Deodorant. I’ve been using this one for a few years and was the first natural deodorant I tried! I went to a float pod session and they had the whole range of Sukin products to use for showering and I fell in love with the smell.

Smell: I can’t nail down a specific smell for this one but it smells very wonderful and fresh. According to the description it is scented with Tangerine, Mandarin, Lavender and Vanillin. 8/10

Product: This one comes as a spray in a plastic bottle. It produces a nice mist and comes out clear so there’s no residue on clothing. It’s very convenient to take around with you too as it’s lightweight and easy to dispense. 10/10

Effectiveness: Very effective! I can get though a 10hr shift at work in summer without needing to reapply. I also don’t feel too smelly after an intense workout at the gym. 9/10

Sustainability: The main body of the plastic bottle can be recycled but the top pump cannot be.

Overall: This is perhaps the 4-5th bottle I have bought over the past few years and is my go to. It’s also so easy to travel with! 9.5/10


One of my most recent deodorant purchases has been the Ethique Lavender & Vanilla Solid Deodorant. I had a sample of this one from a tester set and knew I had to buy the full size.

Smell: As the name suggests it’s scented with Lavender and Vanilla which is such a delicious combination. It is quite mild and not overpowering though. 7/10

Product: This is a solid deodorant so it comes as a block that you rub onto your skin. The heat of your body and the friction melts the block onto the skin. It comes off colourless and I haven’t noticed any transfer onto clothing. It comes wrapped in a wax paper which I use to hold the block. I’m not really sure how to transport it to the gym so I just keep it sitting on the desk in my room. 5/10

Effectiveness: If I have a particularly busy work shift in summer then I do need to reapply deodorant partway through my shift. Otherwise though it’s great for everyday use and it’s effective for entire days of moderate work. 8/10

Sustainability: The cardboard packaging and paper wrap are both biodegradable/recyclable.

Overall: I really like this and it’s easy to use, it probably wouldn’t be too tricky to find a little container to transport it in. I have noticed that it’s had a slight formulation change which has made it a little more slick. Great 0 waste product though! 7/10


Finally the Fazeek Natural Deodorant Sphere which is made of Pink Himalayan Salt. I spotted this at Shut The Front Door and thought it looked so pretty! Apparently the salt is meant to naturally kill bacteria and odor.

Scent: Being just a big block of salt it doesn’t really have a scent. However when used frequently it does take on the aroma of B/O which is not the most appealing, but this is just because there is nothing else to mask it. N-A/10 ?

Product: It comes with its own perspex stand which it sits on as it’s a bit unwieldly just being a sphere. To apply you wet the sphere and then rub it onto your underarm. It doesn’t produce a lather so you just have to sort of guesstimate how long to apply it. 5/10

Effectiveness: Not much that I’ve noticed. It’s fine if I’m just hanging around at home but I do not trust this for work. If I apply it in the morning by the time I’ve reached work I’ll put some of the Sukin deodorant on because I already start to smell again. 3/10

Sustainability: Cardboard is biodegradable and I believe both it and the plastic stand can be recycled.

Overall: A beautiful piece for display but a rubbish deodorant. 3/10

Final Thoughts

So there you have it, a little round up of a few natural deodorants I’ve been trying. I already have a few more on my radar so there might be a follow up at some stage! If you haven’t tried natural deodorant and it’s something that interests you then I definitely recommend giving it a go! I’m a convert!

All except the Fazeek have been a hit and I would purchase again, is may just depend on your individual needs and eco friendly/aesthetic preferences. The Ethique and Sukin ones are found in many pharmacies and department stores whereas the Sublime one might have to be bought online as I’m not sure of where stockists are located

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Secrets In Lace Gingham Bullet Bra and Panty

Hi everyone!

As soon as I saw this Secrets In Lace Gingham set I knew I had to have it! It took me a while to get my hands on it and even longer to photograph it but here it is!


I was drawn to this set as it just felt so cute and country. I grew up in a tiny town of <1000 people and my letterbox was a kilometre from my actual house, so although I may look like a city girl I really spent my childhood playing in fields and not being able to walk to a dairy.


As you may already know I am a BIG fan of Secrets In Lace. In their styling and advertising they offer a really professional and not cheesecakey portrayal of their models which I think is really unique – of course I did not go for that today! I also love the cut of their bullet bras and have adored everything I have ever tried from the brand.


This set is composed of a bullet bra and high-waisted knicker and is available in both Black and Red gingham. I just thought the gingham of this set looked so cute, and especially with the ruffle on the knicker! I went with black because – of course I had to.


The one shortcoming of this brief is that due to the ruffles they are very visible under pants or pencil skirts and there is no alternative brief in this style. But it is definitely cute enough to still warrant buying! If you aren’t wearing a petticoat it also adds just a tad extra volume to a skirt.

GS7The stitching detailing and fagotting on the cups are my favourite parts about the bra. They are just so authentically traditional. The cut of them is also not too pointed so definitely suitable to wear for any occasion.


I bought the bra in a size 36D and knickers in an XL. My usual bra size is a 30F so I sister sized quite drastically for it and then took in the back. I didn’t reposition the straps so they sit very wide on my back but as they are set close on the front they don’t slide off my shoulders. The cotton is non-stretch so the only stretch is in the elastic at the centre front and back of the bra.


The SIL knicker sizing is based on a 10” difference between the waist and hips. My waist is around 29” and my hips 44” and the XL corresponds to a 31-32” waist and 41-42” hip. I find this size to  fit pretty well, the mesh is surprisingly stretchy which is welcomed. I think I would still be comfortable in a size down and it would feel a bit better in the waist too.


I bought the bra for $34.30 USD and the knickers for $21USD (originally $49 and $30 respectively) which would have been about $85 NZD when I bought them and $120 originally. I think this is a great price for the set even at full price. It’s a really solid set and I absolutely love wearing it! At the moment it’s also on sale for $73 NZD! I am very tempted to buy myself the red set as well.


The Gingham Bullet Bra and Gingham Panty are really great pieces for a vintage or lingerie lover’s wardrobe. If you haven’t tried a bullet bra before I think this could be a good option, just be prepared for the fact there will not be a lot of stretch in it. Also who doesn’t need a pair of frilly, gingham AND sheer knickers? Another winner from Secrets In Lace! I’m so glad I finally got to share this set with you in all it’s picnic-y goodness!


Also a HUGE thank you to my no1. gal Miss Flosspots for taking all these great photos of me. It was a super fun shoot day and despite the weather we had a great time and got great photos!

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Secrets In Lace Dita Daytime Sheer Stockings

Hi Everyone!

So it’s been quite a while since I last did a stockings review and I am back with a banger! Today I’m reviewing the Dita Daytime Sheer Stockings by Secrets In Lace which is part of a stocking line made in collaboration with Dita Von Teese. I’m also wearing the Frivoloteese set from the Dita Von Teese Lingerie line.


I’ve been meaning to get a pair of these for so long but couldn’t justify them on their own with overseas shipping. I have a SIL lingerie set review coming shortly which I ordered at the same time. I went with the Daytime Sheers as they are the most affordable pair and I wanted something I could really wear out. I tend to cherish my fully fashioned pairs and never end up wearing them!


I was shocked to see how short they were out of the package! They are made of a 100% nylon though so they definitely don’t feel like other super stretchy stockings I’ve tried which are usually made of a fibre blend.


They comfortably come up high on my leg and feel wonderful on. They aren’t scratchy at all and are very smooth which surprised me considering how much they had to stretch.


These stockings also stretch very well. I don’t find them cutting into my thighs when I sit down and feel very comfortable across the welt.


I bought the size XL in these stockings. For reference I am 164cm tall (5’4”-5’5”) and about 70kg (155lbs) but I’m not too sure as I don’t really weigh myself. I would probably be fine with the size L but I also like to wear my stockings at opera length so I went with the larger size for the length.


You can see from this close up how beautiful the weave is. I can’t believe how even and smooth it is. I think these are absolutely stunning and it would be hard going back to other stockings! The 100% nylon makes such a difference and I wouldn’t have thought you could get such lovely stretch wearable nylons.


These stockings retail for $14USD which is about $21NZD at the moment. My usual daily stockings are the Columbine stockings which are $12 so it’s a pretty big price hike but still fairly reasonable. But I think the difference of having the full nylon composition does make a difference. These are so much smoother and more slippery than my Columbine pairs which make them a bit more comfortable. I am interested to see how long these will last and how many wears I can get out of them. I also want to try the Coffee colourway and the Daytime Glamour version. I think these are definitely worth a try if you enjoy stockings and I look forward to wearing them more.

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Miss Fortune Penelope Jumper – Lemon Atomic Stars

Hi everyone,

Today I’ll be reviewing the Penelope Jumper by Miss Fortune! I was intending to get this post out before Christmas but the holiday period can get pretty hectic, especially as I’ve been working all the way through.


I snagged this while I was at VVDO this year from the 19 Black store. It almost sounds unreal but I had a dream not two weeks prior that I went to VVDO and a stall had Miss Fortune jumpers on sale, I tried on so many and purchased several. I was sad afterwards because I didn’t think anyone in NZ stocked them but low-and-behold on the second day of VVDO, there was my literal dream sweater!


As you may or may not know I am a HUGE fan of the ‘sweater girl’ look of the 50’s. There’s nothing better than a bullet bra supporting a tucked-in sweater in my books! I almost bought the Bubblegum Blue colourway but when I finally went to buy it there were none left in my size so I went with lemon stars on white.

I think this colour is spectacularly Christmassy and I wore it for my Christmas day outfit! at first I wasn’t sure it would suit my skin tone but I really liked it. It’s got that perfect traditional atomic star look which is just such a favourite of mine!


I was pleased that it was a very comfortable and soft knit. Most of my jumpers/sweaters have a wool blend which can make them somewhat scratchy after a while. This jumper is made of 100% scrylic which I don’t mind so much as it’s cut leads itself to being more breathable. I have thicker full length sweaters made of 100% acrylic and they can feel a bit stuffy and sweaty if you get too hot. I was comfortable wearing this sweater all day and on an hour long walk on a Southern-Hemisphere Christmas!


I was a little terrified of the puff-sleeves at first as I don’t wear a lot of volume on my shoulders. I think they compliment the style so well and give it such a cutesy and sweet edge. I think the length of this jumper is perfect too! You have enough of it to tuck into your clothes without it pulling out but it’s also not too long that it becomes too bulky under clothes.


I bought this jumper in a size S which corresponds to a 34-38 inch chest and 28-10 inch waist. This is definitely the perfect size for my 39” bust and 29” waist. It has plenty of stretch and isn’t distorting on me yet – as you can see! It’s close fitting but isn’t tight so it still has that nice relaxed look. This is definitely the size I would purchase again.

Above was my Christmas Day outfit and it was very easy to dress it up with my vintage skirt and some gold jewelry. Unfortunately I didn’t have the time of energy for better photos of my outfit this year. This is a jumper I find to be very wearable and I like pairing it with black for contrast. And it goes so well with gold accessories!


I picked up this jumper for $62.5NZD down from $125 which was an absolute bargain! They retail for £38.49 on the Miss Fortune website. You can find all of the Penelope Jumpers here and I am definitely smitten with the Candy Cane and Night Sky colourways! I’m definitely someone who will wear sweaters all year round (except for the very hottest of summer days) and I am delighted to add this to my collection! I am also so tempted by the Bobbie jumpers in the Bats and Space age designs! If you don’t have a little pull-on sweater in your wardrobe I strongly suggest investing in one – and these are perfect!

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Leopard Dita Von Teese Cardigan Review

Hi everyone,

I have returned, yet again, with a review of the latest Dita Von Teese cardigan by Wheels and Dollbaby! This is my third review of their cardigan collaboration and my 6th cardigan! When I saw the newest release was going to be leopard print I KNEW I had to have it!


In case you haven’t heard of these, or read my previous reviews I’ll bring you up to speed. Wheels and Dollbaby and Dita Von Teese have been collaborating on this cardigan style for well over 10 years. Characterised by the velvet details and rose embroidery they have been released in a wide selection of colourways. At the end of last year Mel, the owner of Wheels and Dollbaby, announced they were closing – and tragedy rung out across the land! Thankfully, they have decided to keep this collaboration going, releasing two limited edition collections since the closing. Now the cardigans are shipped directly from China with the option to have the box included or not. Previously the cardigans were manufactured in China and then shipped from Australia. Now that we’re caught up – to the review!


This is my first purchase of the range since the W&DB closure. At first glance I was worried this cardigan looked a little cheap (and it certainly was not). But once I got it out of the bag and tried it on my opinion did a complete 180! The knit of this cardigan is different to the previous ones I have, it’s quite a bit thinner but also extremely soft. It almost feels like a classy flannel, which is just lovely!


As this knit is thinner than previous editions I can see myself getting a lot of wear out of it! Usually I would wear my Ditas during winter or on colder days but this one I can see working well throughout spring and autumn! It’s comfortably cosy with the softness too and feels less formal than some of the previous editions.


These cardigans still feature the classic ribbon and velvet details as well as the embroidery which makes it a very busy piece. The classic combination of black and leopard makes it a very easy to match piece. Today I’ve paired it with this kilt to draw out yellow and cream in it. It makes the blue really pop! I think this would go beautifully with an inky black circle skirt, or also with some hot red capris!


The base knit of this cardigan is a pale yellowy/gold. Because the leopard print is printed on top where the embroidery meets the black print you can see a pale outline. This is the knit being stretched and exposing the base colour of the cardigan. For me it isn’t very noticable until you get quite close, but if it bothers you, you could use a black fabric marker to just cover it a little.


As usual I bought the size 10AU. The size chart recommends this for a bust of 35.5” and waist of 28”. Despite being a 38-39”ish bust I’ve always gotten away with it by wearing it with a keyhole opening. Usually if I wear it closed the buttons pull, but not with this edition. Due to the softer, thinner knit it has a lot more stretch in it. I’m glad I didn’t size up for this one, as I’ve been considering, as it feels a size bigger than my others. I’ve also seen some comparisons online that show this one is larger. For that reason I believe you could size down quite comfortably, as I technically have. The sizing for this caps out at an 18AU which I am certain would easily work for a 20AU.


This cardigan is also nice and long, it sits around my low hips quite comfortably. If you are someone who doesn’t like to tuck things in then this is an excellent length.


This was the most expensive cardigan to date. Including shipping and with the exchange rate it cost me $292NZD. Now this was a tough decision to make and my savings took a very nasty blow. However I decided it was worth it for me. I have several of these cardigans and I have gotten so much wear out of them over the years. They make me feel good and often garner a lot of compliments. I can also pair them with so much, and especially a leopard print – the most stylish neutral.

Honestly I can see how this can be considered too pricey for people. I am on quite a thin budget myself, I think this is possibly the 3rd new item of clothing I’ve bought in total this year (2nd leopard print though). I also think that just shows how worth it I believe it is, and I have 0 regrets.


There were 2 cardigans in the latest release, the Leopard with Black Roses which is still available and the Classic Noir Cardigan which has now sold out.

I could not be more pleased with this cardigan. I’m looking forward to this more wearable weight, and with the comfort I don’t mind lounging around in it! It’s a perfect piece for me and I can’t wait to cherish it for years to come! If you don’t have a Dita cardigan in your wardrobe and have considered purchasing one, I really recommend it. I seriously can’t count the number of wears mine have had over the years. They are the perfect blend of comfort and sophistication. I’ve worn them to classes when I studied, high-teas, Christmas Day, coffee with friends, shopping, parties – they really are an all purpose garment.

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1950’s Makeup VS Modern Pinup Makeup

Hi everyone,

I’m back with a video tutorial of sorts today! I’m comparing a traditional 1950’s style of makeup to a modern pinup look, which I do by doing half on each side of my face! In the description of the video I have listed all of the products I used, so check there if you are after any specifically.