The Great Longline Bra Quest – Gossard Retrolution Staylo Plunge Bra

It’s taken me so long to get around to doing this post, I’ve been wanting to do it since my previous TLQ post but wanted to line up a bra for the next one first.

Today I will be talking about the Gossard Retrolution Staylo Plunge Bra and the Gossard Retrolution Waist Cincher.

I’ll start of by saying no, this doesn’t count as a longline bra, particularly the standards I set in my previous post. But there are reasons I’m going to include it in this series. The main one being when this bra is paired with the matching Waist Cincher Brief they overlap(on my, and other shortish bodies), and this creates all over shaping for me. Another is this is one of my all time favourite bras and deserves a mention, because it is slightly longer.


I bought this in a size 32D after hearing that it can be a little snug on some people. I think I’d be okay going down to a 30DD, but the 32D works well, and I didn’t need it on the tighter hooks the first few wears. However I did progress to the smaller ones quite quickly.

Close Up

This bra is 2” long under the underwire so it is slightly longer than regular bras. This is very comfortable and makes less cutting in at the bottom line if that is an issue. Also the added brief gives a very smooth line right down the body. The bra also has quite a low back which is great for dresses which can sometimes dance around the line of bra back showing.


The wide straps on this are ♪fantastiiiic♪. Although my breasts don’t need much support at all wide straps are just so much more comfortable. The elastic is such high quality, they are the most comfortable straps of any bra I’ve ever owned. They are almost an inch wide and if that doesn’t sell it for you I’m not sure what will. They don’t have an enormous size range 30D-E, 32-36A-E, 38B-E, but it’s fairly inclusive.

No cookies – left, cookies inserted – right.

This bra comes with extra padding in the form of insertable cookies. Some days I love a bit of extra padding particularly in low V-neck dresses but it does well without. I have shallower shaped breasts so sometimes they don’t totally fill out a bra, but if the straps of this bra are tightened well then I don’t have that problem at all.


If I stretch then sometimes the brief slips under the bra at the front, but it isn’t noticeable under clothes.

Brief Briefs overview: I have a 27”ish waist and 41” hips and I found the size M cincher brief worked well for me. It doesn’t nip in my waist much, but it has nice slimming capabilities and works well smoothing my lower tummy which is my problem area. The detachable suspender parts are great quality as well, and so nice to have optional. I don’t consider the bra a longline bra unless paired with these, but I would still recommend it.

I’ve been thinking about purchasing the same set in black at some point and sewing the bra and brief together. I’d also add snaps to the crotch so I can use the bathroom. Maybe I should do a tutorial for this?

I bought this set during the famous Pinup Girl Clothing Black Friday sale at the end of last year, and some pieces are still available on the site at full retail price.

The full collection is available at Gossard, though some sizes are sold out in some coloursways. Pinup Girl Clothing have unfortunately sold out of the Blush Cincher Brief but the bra and black set are still there. Also I am wearing What Katie Did Champagne stockings.

Hope you enjoyed the second installment of The Longline Bra Quest!

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