Dita Von Teese ‘Glorified Girl’ Lingerie

Time for a non TLQ lingerie review today after I have found my aesthetically favourite lingerie of all time, which also happens to be my most functional set too.

A while ago I was browsing the social medias I came across this photo posted by Dita Von Teese –

“It’s exciting when I get my newest lingerie range in my size! This set is called Glorified Girl, the inspiration is lingerie from the late 50s. It’s at Myer Australia & http://www.barenecessities.com”

When I saw this I was so stunned. It looked so gorgeous with the obvious 1950’s inspiration, and a longline bra?! Amazing.

Anyway I had planned to start saving up for the set, not entirely sure which of the pieces I wanted yet, but I was going to have them. Then not long after I took a trip to Farmers during one of their Thursday sale hoping to maybe score a bargain in the clearance section. Then *fanfare* there was the Glorified Girl set sitting on the Dita Von Teese racks, and what’s that? 50% off, don’t mind if I do.

The full set would have cost me $250 ($110 Bra, $70 Suspender and $60 Briefs) but I got it for only $125. If you’re in NZ I would suggest checking out your local Farmers before buying online as it’s cheapest here, especially during the frequent Farmers sales.


I bought the same set which Dita Von Teese is wearing in the photograph which is the Strapless Plunge Bra, the Suspender Belt and the Bikini Brief. There is also a Thong, Full Brief, a Longline Bra and a Balconette Bra in the collection but for all the pieces you may have to hunt around. There is also a dress available.

I’ll start off with appearance. The colourway on the tags is labeled Noir/Paris Peach, so black lace with a peachy, blush coloured backing which seems to be a stretch crepe like fabric. It’s not a nude colour but it’s a really nice subtle contrast and I can imagine it being stunning on someone with quite a dark skintone. The ribbon insertion lace is a great way to break up the shapes and add detail. This is very reminiscent of 1950’s lingerie which is one of the reasons I immediately fell in love with this set.

The lace has a gorgeous rose pattern on it and is possibly the softest lacey lingerie I have ever touched. No, seriously. I have quite a few black lacey bits and the lace used on the back of the brief is so lightweight, sheer and so so soft, both when wearing and not. The brief also has some elastic running down the back to highlight shape, but unfortunately on mine I just couldn’t get it straight. They use a different lace for the layering and it is placed symmetrically on all pieces which a very welcome detail and makes the lingerie seem that much more special and worth the price point.



Now the fit and practicality, and I’ll start with the bra. I didn’t realise until I actually tried it on that it can also be converted into a strapless bra. I nearly lost my mind. I hate strapless bras, not only are they ugly and uncomfortable but they only ever come in plain black or ‘nude’. This bra fits well with or without straps, I don’t have hugely full breasts so I can sometimes have trouble filling cups. This is the first time a strapless bra has fit me so well, and I should note I bought this is my usual 32D. Dita Von Teese bras tend to have snug bands which is nice for me. The only problem I have found is that if I wear it for a whole day sometimes the elastic at the bottom can flip under the boning which was uncomfortable.


I bought the brief in a 12/M and I could, and probably should, have sized up. It doesn’t bother me enough to buy a new one but I prefer a looser fit in briefs. As I have mentioned already I think they are gorgeous and oh my god those frills around the legs! SO CUTE! Unfortunately this means it would be visible under tight fitting dresses, but the thong doesn’t have frills so that’s always another option.

*Brief-brief tangent* I don’t know if I should always refer to them as briefs but it seems like the best word. Knickers seems too British, Panties seems to American and also feels like an uncomfortable word at times and Undies is just far too casual. Any thoughts? Comment below if you do.

And may I introduce, my new favourite suspender belt. I do love my What Katie Did Marlene Suspender so I should say equal favourite. I own the Madam X suspender belt and it wasn’t great but this is definitely on another level. I bought the 10/S and it fits really well, it isn’t to stretchy that it slips down but it’s still really comfortable. It has 6 straps and suspender clips which are really good quality metal ones. They are very strong and have sliders which don’t move at all so there’s no worry of stockings slipping down or coming loose.

Side lower detail

The little details I feel I need to mention. The frills around the legs, I could scream it’s so cute. The lace on the side of the suspender belt over the mesh which is a very nice touch. It’s small thing but another nice touch. Also all of the pieces have velvet bows at the front with a black Swarovski teardrop element. The Swarovski bit fell of my suspender which I’ll have to sew on at a later date. They will show up under tight clothing, but you could always remove the stones and turn them into earrings? (Haha)

This is a fantastic lingerie set and I would definitely say worth the price, also an amazing quality suspender belt. If you live in NZ, head down to Farmers and see if it’s there and grab it on sale, the Dita lingerie is often 20-50% off. If you don’t have one near and are desperate like I was feel free to contact me and I can help you out :).

This is my favourite lingerie set EVER and I hope you enjoyed my showcase/review of it. 😀

6 thoughts on “Dita Von Teese ‘Glorified Girl’ Lingerie

  1. Victoria Smith April 29, 2015 / 8:59 AM

    That set is gorgeous! I love the symmetrical lace and the frills, and I quite like how the peach shows up silver in some photos.

    Everyone keeps getting amazing Dita Von Teese bargains at Farmers. I got the Her Sexellency bra and the Sheer Witchery balconette for just $20 each a month ago, I might have to go back soon…

    I like briefs best, although I sometimes default to my native “knickers” 😛

  2. Maria May 9, 2015 / 11:45 PM

    Gorgeous! And the lingerie is okay too =)
    But really, you swayed me. I was considering buying this set and looking for pics, and stumbled upon your blog. And you looking absolutely stunning in this set was a very big pro argument)

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