Fast Vintage Inspired Updo – Tutorial Thursday

Hi everyone,

Exciting news, I’ve done my first video for Tutorial Thursday! I enjoy writing tutorials but I know it’s much easier for a lot of people to follow along with a video. If this looks familiar I also wore this style for my Botanic Garden OOTD!


This is a style which is a great time saver as you can start with straight or curled hair and it can take 3 minutes! The video is much longer as I’m trying to explain everything and I’m making sure to show everything I do. Also I show and explain the many ways you can change this style up to make it personal. I think at some point I’ll do another video of me just doing this style to show how to do it quickly.

Thanks for watching! And of course if there’s anything you’d like me to tutorial feel free to leave a comment, and now it will be much easier to do some tutorials as a video!

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