Christmas Day OOTD 2017

Hi everyone,

Welcome to another annual Christmas Day Outfit of the Day! I’ll be talking about some of the details and inspiration behind the outfit and look and then I have a bunch of pictures to share! All the photos were taken by my partner at Paraparaumu Beach, we spent the evening together with a family BBQ then went for a walk and took some pictures.

I had a completely different plan for my Christmas day dress with a different cut and fabric. This was originally going to be my dress for Christmas eve but I ran out of time in the lead up to Christmas so this was all that I managed. At least I’ll have everything ready for next year!

I bought this fabric last year at a Fabric-a-Brac which I believe was $15 for almost 3 metres! I love pine trees and forests and I really want more green in my wardrobe. I chose the longer length because I’ve just really been enjoying my below the knee skirts. I usually like a length of 26” and for this one I went with 29”. For the top I went with a short dolman sleeve. I am obsessed with this sleeve cut but I don’t have any short sleeve tops or dresses with this cut made of a woven fabric. The short v-neck is so I can wear all my favourite vintage and retro bras under it!

I was feeling like a classic ‘modern pinup’ look so I went with some well formed waves with a side part. I bought this hair accessory from a dollar store and I really like how it went with the dress, also it’s a great size! The brooch in the centre neckline is a present from a Secret Santa organised by the Pinup Honeys Social Club, it was such a perfect gift!

I loved this super natural setting. I really wanted to take these in a pine forest but I wasn’t around one on Christmas and I loved this classic New Zealand looking setting.

This sleeve cut is really flattering for making your waist seem slimmer which is always a bonus!

I also included massive pockets on this dress because it saves me carting a bag around so I can whip my lipstick on straight after an enormous Christmas dinner.

I went with no shoes a) because I forgot to bring my actual ones and only had walking shoes and b) I wanted the look to have a natural feel despite the dolled up face and hair.


I hope you all had a great holiday season, whether you were celebrating Christmas, having a well deserved break and especially those who worked tirelessly for shoppers!

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