Lovely Leopard Lyra by Lady V London

I have admired Lady V London dresses for a number of years, though they are yet another brand I never got around to purchasing until recently! They do some lovely floral prints which aren’t really what I like to wear, but I have always been enamoured by the Lyra design. It is predominantly made for the plus size market but every so often they will produce them in an extended size range too.

I was scrolling down Facebook one day when a post from Two Lippy Ladies popped up, an exclusive new Lyra dress was coming in, in LEOPARD PRINT and also SIZES 8-28! Yes please! I ordered straight after my next payday about a week later.

This dress is manufactured in London which is really awesome, and this design is exclusively available at Two Lippy Ladies. It’s a much more toned down leopard print compared to the Troublemaker Vixen dress for example, but it’s still gorgeous. I was afraid I wouldn’t like it actually! It’s the perfect balance of cool and warm tones so you could accessorise it with so many contrasting colours, or matching such as in my case here!

I bought a size 10 in this dress, according to the size chart it fits a 86.5cm/34” bust and 71cm/28” waist. I had heard a lot about the stretch of this dress, from many reviews and friends I have talked to who own it so I decided to size down. My measurements are bust 96cm/38” and waist 74cm/29”. I find this size fits me perfectly, and I would recommend sizing down in this style, this dress could definitely fit a few more inches in the bust easily. Also sizes 8-28, that is an incredible range and I am so ecstatic there is such a perfect design available to so many people.

There was some stitch cracking in the waist when I first wore it, but this isn’t anything abnormal, it’s just something that can happen with stretch garments if they use stretch and non-stretch construction. The dress is well constructed with no loose threads or stitch unevenness.

The fluttery sleeves are such a fun part of the dress! I actually had no idea this dress had a waist tie so it was a welcome surprise when I realised. For these pictures I have tied it at the back but the ties are long enough to wrap around the back to the front which gives a more cinched in look and a smaller bow.

Another thing I was concerned about was the weight and drape of the fabric. I have a tendency to get pretty bad bloating on occasion but the fabric just skims over my lower half not making any unsightly protrusions obvious! The skirt is a lovely fullness, not quite a circle skirt but enough to give a lovely flair. Of course for a design beloved by so many plus size babes how could I doubt it!

Had to include a little picture of my matching makeup too! I used The Balm Cosmetics Foiled Again eyeshadow palette for the golds (review coming soon) and the NARS Powermatte Lip Pigment in Don’t Stop (review coming in the slightly more distant future). For the leopard spots around my liner I actually used a dollar store mascara which has a very spiked tip which is perfect for creating these speckles.

The wrap top is so flattering and can be pulled up for a more modest look, or pulled down for a more revealing look. I love how universal this dress is, and I haven’t even mentioned the comfort yet! It is made from a blend of 96% polyester and 4% elastine. It is insanely comfortable, like if I thought the Troublemaker dress was comfy this feels like you have nothing on in the best possible way. It’s glamorous enough to dress up for an evening out but comfy enough to spend a lady day eating and watching TV in.

Also a shout out to Two Lippy Ladies service. I ordered this dress on Thurday, it was due for release the following Tuesday but due to some miraculous postage it arrived earlier than expected at the store! I was notified my package had been sent on the Friday and it arrived to me on the Saturday! I also got a lovely handwritten note from them. It was so quick I couldn’t believe it!

This dress retails for $130NZD and can only be bought in this particular colourway from Two Lippy Ladies (who also offer free NZ postage). I think this is extremely good value for a dress made in London to such a high standard. It’s so comfy and with Leopard print I think you could wear this absolutely anywhere! Within the first week of owning it I had somehow worn it on 4 different days, so if that isn’t a testament I’m not sure what is! I am definitely going to keep an eye out for more Lyra designs in the extended sizing, I already know Two Lippy Ladies have a red variant which I am keeping a very close eye on.

As always thank you so much for tuning in, I’m looking at getting back into regular posting from now!


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