Lilac Mermaid – Underneath Lingerie Review

Hi all,

I’m finally back with another lingerie review, it’s been far too long!

Today I’m reviewing this set which was the ‘2017 July’ set from Underneath Lingerie. I ordered this set back in July last year so I’ve owned it for almost a year and somehow took just as long to shoot and blog about this set!

I first discovered this brand through a Reddit post about a year and a half ago. They were looking for opinions on the cut of lingerie. I remember responding with my pet peeve of ‘short’ highwaisted underwear which don’t actually reach your waist. I am sooo happy because other than knickers I’ve made myself these hit that PERFECT true waist height.

This set is made up of a longline softcup bra and highwaisted brief. I was drawn to this set because it looked so soft and comfy and has very strong vintage inspiration in a more fun and creative fabric! It’s made up of a lining of soft pink mesh and pink padding and the outer is a lilac mesh with little embroidered flowers. You can’t get this exact fabric anymore but there are still pink and yellow versions which can be found here in the 2017 Collection.

Underneath Lingerie is an indie brand from the Netherlands. Katja Melis is the powerhouse behind the brand – designing, constructing, customer service and modelling brand new sets on the brand’s Instagram! I love being able to support small brands and designers who really are the brand. As I mentioned I am really drawn to this brand because of their retro shapes and styles but also awesome styles and fabric selection.

I was unsure about the knicker sizing as at the time I had a 29” waist and 43” hips so I messaged and asked which size I should go for. Katja so kindly said she would combine the patterns for a size 40 and 46 for me to give me a better fit! The original set also came in the BH8 bra style and I had it changed to the BH4. These changes were also made at no extra cost to me which was amazing.

As expected with pattern changes the knickers feel amazing. It’s so rare for me to find a pair that fit at the waist so well and don’t cut into my legs. I bought the bra in a size 75F which seems to be equivalent to a UK 34E, I’m usually about a 30F or 32E but the size I picked fit more in line with my measurements on the size chart. It’s an extremely comfortable bra but being a bit big for me it does feel like it could be a bit more supportive. Next time I’d probably size down to the 70F just so it’s a little bit more structured, because it is quite a soft and stretchy set anyway.

As I’ve mentioned this set is extremely comfortable with soft mesh and elastics. I get no area of irritation at all with this set, recently I’ve found some elastics quite scratchy after I’ve worn them for a full day. The embroidery on the mesh is also soft on the outside, it’s very neat and smooth with soft threads and yarns used. As I’ve owned this set for a long time I can tell you it washes and wears well, I’ve had a couple of the flowers try to unravel but I just cut the threads, put in a securing stitch and voilà, problem gone!

This set cost me 99.90 not including shipping which was 24.30, so the total cost for me was around $200NZD. This is pretty pricey in terms of a set of lingerie, but I have definitely got my money’s worth! I wear this set for 10 hour shifts at work, for lazing around the house when Summer was unbearable and as a comfy stylish everyday set. I picked one of the existing monthly designs, but you can also design your own sets by picking your shape, and which fabrics you want where. For a bra and highwaisted brief it still costs around 100 euros for a fully customised set. It’s also great knowing that you are suppporting an individual!

All in all I adore Underneath Lingerie for so many reasons as I’ve spent the last 700 words or so talking about. I definitely want to order more from them. At the moment I have my eyes on the Luxury Collection featuring more long-lines and high-waists with strapping and stitching details! I think especially with shipping they are on the more expensive side, but you can have them fully customised to your liking and even sizing changes accommodated. They have some sample pieces available at the moment, and every month I look forward to the unveiling of the new set of the month! Definitely check them out if you don’t already know of them!

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