LONELY Panther Tee – Review

Hi Everyone,

Now, I have been a fan of Lonely Lingerie for years due to their delicate and comfortable designs. I happened across their store one day and noticed they had a sale on – how could I not investigate? There were several sets of lingerie I fell in love with and definitely need to keep my eye on, but I was also interested to see how much clothing they had. There was one piece in particular that I fell in love with so I am here to show you that today!

I was immediately drawn to this sweater because of it’s bold design – also cats. I am a huge fan of the ‘sweater girl’ look of the 50’s and this totally gave me those vibes. I wasn’t originally so sure on the colour, especially on my skin tone but the shop assistant and my partner persuaded me enough to buy. I also only know of a few brands who make short sleeved sweaters with woven designs and this one seemed a lot more unique.

The design is totally woven into the fabric – no printing here, which is especially impressive. It’s really soft and comfortable and made out of 100% cotton. It’s getting to the end of winter here and it’s perfect for those days which are a little chilly but warming up. I know I’ll be getting a tonne of wear out of this through spring!

The design is by Stefan Sinclair who Lonely have been collaborating with for several years; and is apparently inspired by ‘Cat People’ a classic 1940’s horror movie which has been on my ‘to watch’ list forever. I definitely think the design and cut of this piece is the perfect embodiment of it! I love to pair it with circle skirts and it goes so well with anything red or black – so 90% of my wardrobe. It also looks really cute untucked with high-waisted pants. I don’t have a photo of this but it’s what I wear most often on the way to work.

Lonely is also committed to being an ethical manufacturer and employer. On their website they have an entire page detailing their production values with photos and links which I think is just wonderful and I have linked it here. This particular sweater is made in China and I can hardly imagine the kind of intricate machinery to make such a fine knit with so many colours in it.

This is meant to be loose fitting so I bought it in a size Small which perfectly fits my 39” bust. It’s a great cropped length to sit out over things, but still tucks into skirts and belts easily without being too baggy or crinkly. It also has a decent amount of stretch and being cotton it makes it very breathable. I tend to feel a bit trapped and sticky in sweaters as they are usually acrylic which is one of the reasons I never really wear them. This has definitely changed my mind!

I bought this from the Lonely store for $90 down from $180 and I have gotten so much wear out of this already! This is no longer available on the Lonely website, but I found it on Indefinite/Definite which is still on sale for $108 so I’ve added a link! I also really adore the Lonely Leopard Cardi and Seiko Tee, the latter was a real temptation in store! I’ve never really looked to them for clothing but I will start keeping more of an eye on Lonely for more than just lingerie!


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