Bettie Page Electric Blue Fully Fashioned Nylons

Hi everyone!

I’ve had a bit of a break from stockings and nylons for a few months just because my life has been very busy in a boring way. I bought these stockings at some point last year but misplaced them in a move. I finally came across them again just after making this perfectly matching lingerie so I had to review and photograph them ASAP!

Keep reading for my full review, sizing tips and photos of the Bettie Page Lingerie Fully Fashioned Nylon RHT Stockings in Electric Blue!

These were such a spontaneity purchase, I actually was purchasing my Retro Futuristic bra and thought I might as well try a pair of the nylons too! As tempting as the Champagne and Black colourways were my eye just gravitated to this paid and before I knew they were in my cart!

I just can’t get over the colour of these! They are so bold and such a stark colour. As much as I love a good old black nylon for everyday wear I think these definitely add a fun pop of colour to any outfit. I love them against browns and more warm toned clothes! I also love that the sheerness makes it look almost like a blue glow around the sides of my legs.

Because of the structure of nylons they can be a bit intimidating out of the bag! This pair perfectly fits my leg (I’ll get more into the sizing below) but straight out of the packet they come all the way up to my bust from the floor!

These nylons are RHT which means Reinforced Heel and Toe, so these have no back seam but are still woven on traditional machinery from 100% nylon. They also still have sturdiness where it is needed most which is most appreciated! Nylon has such a gorgeous finish on the skin, it really makes it look smooth and flawless – I really did no editing on my legs!

I went with the size 10.5 which on the size chart is recommended for someone between 5’9” and 5’11” with an inside leg of 31” and a shoe size of EU40-41. Now I am around 5’5” but my inner leg measurement is 30” and I wear EU40 shoes usually. I also like to wear my stockings at opera length, so up to the very top of my leg.  I am really happy with the leg fit for these but the foot is far too big. You can definitely see this in the photos too, I’d say it’s 1”-2” too long. One of the reasons for this may be because I have very narrow feet. For the same reason the longer leg is displaced by my leg width, my feet aren’t stretching the foot widthways.

If I were to purchase these again I would probably buy the size 10, as it’s only a half size down. I also might consider in the future shortening the foot just by sewing a small tuck around the foot circumference near the toe. I think the size chart matches vintage stocking sizes very well too, I usually take a 9.5 in those with a sacrifice on leg length so it might be a good start for figuring out your size.

These stockings retail for $25NZD which I think is definitely a great price for these stockings! They have a beautifully soft hand and they feel very comfortable on the skin, I’ve had some nylons that feel a little rough. I definitely want to try these in the next size down in a different colour as they have 4 options in the RHT style. These are a bit pricier than the stretchy stockings you find at lingerie and department stores and the sizing requires more precision but I think they are well worth it. I also find this kind of nylon stocking to last longer, they aren’t under as much tension as they aren’t stretched out so snags happen less frequently. If you haven’t tried true nylons before I think these are the perfect starter, especially in such a great colour!

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