Secrets In Lace Gingham Bullet Bra and Panty

Hi everyone!

As soon as I saw this Secrets In Lace Gingham set I knew I had to have it! It took me a while to get my hands on it and even longer to photograph it but here it is!


I was drawn to this set as it just felt so cute and country. I grew up in a tiny town of <1000 people and my letterbox was a kilometre from my actual house, so although I may look like a city girl I really spent my childhood playing in fields and not being able to walk to a dairy.


As you may already know I am a BIG fan of Secrets In Lace. In their styling and advertising they offer a really professional and not cheesecakey portrayal of their models which I think is really unique – of course I did not go for that today! I also love the cut of their bullet bras and have adored everything I have ever tried from the brand.


This set is composed of a bullet bra and high-waisted knicker and is available in both Black and Red gingham. I just thought the gingham of this set looked so cute, and especially with the ruffle on the knicker! I went with black because – of course I had to.


The one shortcoming of this brief is that due to the ruffles they are very visible under pants or pencil skirts and there is no alternative brief in this style. But it is definitely cute enough to still warrant buying! If you aren’t wearing a petticoat it also adds just a tad extra volume to a skirt.

GS7The stitching detailing and fagotting on the cups are my favourite parts about the bra. They are just so authentically traditional. The cut of them is also not too pointed so definitely suitable to wear for any occasion.


I bought the bra in a size 36D and knickers in an XL. My usual bra size is a 30F so I sister sized quite drastically for it and then took in the back. I didn’t reposition the straps so they sit very wide on my back but as they are set close on the front they don’t slide off my shoulders. The cotton is non-stretch so the only stretch is in the elastic at the centre front and back of the bra.


The SIL knicker sizing is based on a 10” difference between the waist and hips. My waist is around 29” and my hips 44” and the XL corresponds to a 31-32” waist and 41-42” hip. I find this size to  fit pretty well, the mesh is surprisingly stretchy which is welcomed. I think I would still be comfortable in a size down and it would feel a bit better in the waist too.


I bought the bra for $34.30 USD and the knickers for $21USD (originally $49 and $30 respectively) which would have been about $85 NZD when I bought them and $120 originally. I think this is a great price for the set even at full price. It’s a really solid set and I absolutely love wearing it! At the moment it’s also on sale for $73 NZD! I am very tempted to buy myself the red set as well.


The Gingham Bullet Bra and Gingham Panty are really great pieces for a vintage or lingerie lover’s wardrobe. If you haven’t tried a bullet bra before I think this could be a good option, just be prepared for the fact there will not be a lot of stretch in it. Also who doesn’t need a pair of frilly, gingham AND sheer knickers? Another winner from Secrets In Lace! I’m so glad I finally got to share this set with you in all it’s picnic-y goodness!


Also a HUGE thank you to my no1. gal Miss Flosspots for taking all these great photos of me. It was a super fun shoot day and despite the weather we had a great time and got great photos!

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