Wolf and Whistle Crop Leggings – Sustainable Activewear!

Hi Everyone!

I’m back and bringing to you my first activewear post! I’ve been going to the gym for a while now and I finally decided to save and buy myself a pair of nice new activewear pants. In true form I spent about 2 weeks researching several brands looking for an ethical and sustainable pair that also suited my style needs. I narrowed it down to 4 pairs from 4 different brands, I think I might do a little roundup post too just to share my findings.

Anyway I settled on this pair of Mesh Panel Crop Leggings in Red by Wolf and Whistle.


These were actually released the week I was starting to look so the timing seemed to be perfect! They have a full collection in the red with different cuts of tops and pants, and they also have a leopard print which was extremely tempting. You can see their whole range of activewear here. I went with the red because I knew I’d always be comfortable with this colour at the gym and the mesh panels really caught my eye. When I first tried them on my partner said “I know these are new but they look like you’ve always had them” a perfect match for me!


These pants are made from a polyester created from recycled plastic bottles, specially knit for performance wear. They have an incredibly soft to touch and are very smooth on the skin. The black mesh panels over the legs make them quite breathable and I never feel too stuffy or sweaty in these.


Wolf and Whistle also have a strong ethical policy and they are a brand I trust to manufacture ethically, and considering the sustainability of these I knew they would be a win. They use Repreve fabric and they have some really interesting stats and info on their website about the fabrics. At the time of writing this they have recycled over 14 billion plastic bottles! The recycled fabric also takes fewer resources to create than starting with a fibre from scratch.


These pants feature an interior pocket which is the PERFECT size for my trusty old iPod Classic! They won’t fit a big smartphone but they will definitely fit any dedicated music device you have, or maybe just a couple of cards, keys and lipbalm if you’re heading out for a run. The thick waistband is also really comfortable and doesn’t cut in when I’m doing yoga or core exercises.


The size chart recommends a size 10 for my 29” waist and 14-16 for my 44” hips. I decided to split the difference and go with a 12 since I knew they’d have a decent bit of stretch and I didn’t want a super baggy waist. I really like this size, I definitely had to squeeze in the first time but I find them to be a really comfortable and snug knit. They are quite firm but they definitely have enough stretch to size down in an area if you need to.


I’ve already mentioned how much I love the mesh, I think it’s a really fun and strong looking detail that breaks up what would otherwise be plain pants. They also feature a diamond shaped gusset insert which is perfect for a comfortable squad or lunge as the crotch seam doesn’t have as much tension on it. It definitely makes me feel like I have a little extra mobility and I can’t feel any strain on the pants.


These leggings retail for £38 which is around $73NZD which is so reasonable considering they are produced ethically and sustainably. These have a size range of XXS-XL which is a UK 6-16 but some of their other styles go up to a UK 26! I’ve had these for a couple of months now and am still absolutely in love with them! I might try out some more of their range at a later date too. If you’re looking for some new workout pants then try out Wolf and Whistle, the price is great, they are produced sustainably and they have options from plain black to bright blue snake print to suit whatever vibe you want to go for with your workout.

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