Where have I been? Kickstarting my blog back into gear!

Hi everyone!


So here I am again, it’s been almost a year since my last blog post which I absolutely cannot believe. The last year has been extremely hectic for me; since May I was working 2 jobs as well as trying to sew and find film work on the side which left me with very little energy for blogging. I was mainly just getting up, going to work, coming home and going to bed every day, and if I was lucky enough to get a day off I was using it to try and recover.

Somewhere on the North East Coastline

However, that was all worth it as my partner and I made the giant leap in December and moved over to the UK! We are currently settling in London and the time off and change of pace has really given me a chance to refresh myself. I’ve accepted an amazing job offer that shouldn’t drain all my energy and leave me creatively stifled so I’m looking forward being able to live my life again.

The brown architecture of Newcastle

I’ve never been overseas before (no, not even to Australia or the islands) and since being over here I’ve spent a couple of days in Scotland, a week in Stockholm and explored (some of) Newcastle and London. It’s been incredible seeing so many new things and being immersed in different cultures! Also having the time to look around and take it all in has been just amazing.

A little snow in Stockholm

I’ve already got 2 blog posts written up and ready to be published as well as a tutorial on setting my current hairstyle. I’m really ready to get back into it and I have a lot of new things to share – I also have access to a lot more now being in the UK. I knew how limited things were in New Zealand but not exactly HOW limited. I also don’t have to pay around $30 to ship things to me and cosmetics are about 1/3 cheaper so hopefully there will be more reviews coming along!

A touristy photo of London from my second day here

I’ve seen James McAvoy perform Cyrano De Bergerac, I’ve seen Richard III performed at the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse attached to The Globe, I’ve swatched dozens of makeup brands previously unavailable and unknown to me and I can’t wait for so many more exciting experiences here. The change in landscape is so inspiring and I feel so reinvigorated – I’m ready to write, I’m ready to photograph and I’m ready to get creative and start really working again!

This show was absolutely breathtaking!

I’m also going to start a new  little blog series about my move and offering info and advice to others considering a big move. I’ll probably try to release these ones along side some of my usual content just so everyone doesn’t get bored! I’ll also be blogging about places I travel to with little guides on what I enjoyed.

There’s just a whole lot coming and I’m excited to start sharing it with you all again!


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