Daisy Dapper Vienna Jacket & Bonnie Skirt Review

Hi everyone!

Today I’m going to be reviewing this fabulous suit set from Daisy Dapper! I went to Stockholm over New Year’s and knew I absolutely couldn’t miss checking out their store in Södermalm!  I actually found Daisy Dapper from an amazing green 1940’s style summer suit they released years ago and I’ve been following them ever since! I spent probably a decent hour in the store checking out everything and trying stuff on, so I could order online in the future as well! I almost walked away with the Emmy Fair Fair Isle Cardi but this suit was so great and offered more versatility.


This suit consists of the Vienna Jacket and Bonnie Skirt and I bought them in the blue colourway. They also come in a checked colourway which I was also very taken by, but  the blue is such a stunning shade. I’ve always had my eye out for a 50’s style suit but finding one with a fur trim and flared skirt is much more difficult than expected! My main 2 colourways I search for are blue and red as well so I felt like this one was just meant to be for me!


When I tried this on in the shop and discovered it had pockets I knew it was a done deal! They are a pretty decent size as well and happily hold my phone, iPod, lipstick and compact between the two.


This suit has a really lovely weight. I think it finds a really happy medium between not being thin and flimsy and not being heavy winter-wear. I find the skirt weight to be ideal – not too light it blows up in the slightest breeze and not so heavy and stiff that a petticoat doesn’t work underneath it. With the fabric being slightly stretchy it gives the jacket a great fit. This does mean that lines show underneath it a little easier so I’d prefer to wear this with a longline bra to give it a really nice smooth line.


I bought both pieces in a size Small after trying them on. The size chart on their website says the size small for these pieces is to fit Bust 35” Waist 27” and Hips 37”. At the moment I think I’m about a 37” Bust and 28” Waist and I think this is definitely the right size for me. As I mentioned the fabric does have stretch which helps with the fit, the jacket is comfortably tight and the skirt waist is a little looser.


Daisy Dapper clothing comes in the size range XS-XXXL and as I mentioned if you are between sizes I think it’s safe to size down. I also tried on a cotton dress with little to no stretch and managed to fairly comfortably squeeze into the small. The jacket is still available in the full size range, however the skirt is only available now into an XS-M so if you are keen you might want to jump on these pieces ASAP!


The faux fur trim is definitely my favourite aspect of this suit! It’s such a classic trim and I think it’s a beautiful shade to compliment the blue. It stuck out to me on the rail and I was hoping it would work for me!


The Vienna Jacket retails for 1200 SEK and the Bonnie Skirt for 850 SEK, which are equivalent to around $195 NZD/£95 and $135NZD/£70 at the time of writing this. I’d usually not buy such an expensive piece (or pieces) without stewing over it for a long period of time (and eventually not buy them). Since it was my first real holiday abroad I decided to treat myself – I’d followed this brand for years, and I’d also got my payouts from leaving my workplaces and I wanted something special to remember Sweden by.


I’d say these pieces are definitely worth the price. They are designed in house and the owner definitely has a passion for making classic pieces that will last the test of time. I’m not sure where exactly these are made as there is no country of origin on the tag or on the website. I can’t say for sure but they feel like they might be made in the EU. I’m really glad I had a chance to go into the store and try a range of pieces, I’ll definitely be ordering from them again online!


For this outfit I decided to match this suit with the CryCryCry Clothing Slash Neck Top, which has become SUCH a staple in my wardrobe. I also accessorised with this lovely little vintage star brooch I bought in a vintage shop in Durham which matches the fur so well!


That concludes my review for this wonderful Daisy Dapper suit! I’m going to get so much wear out of both pieces both together and separately! If you ever find yourself in Stockholm I highly recommend a trip to their store. Not only is it filled with gorgeous Swedish designed clothing but they have a whole host of accessories and gifty bits meaning you will definitely find something to walk away with!

What do you think of these two pieces? Do you have any Daisy Dapper pieces which have caught your eye?

Until next time!

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