Frikken Freckles – Comfy New Zealand Made Knickers Review

Hi everyone!

So a little over a year ago the local underwear and clothing company called Frikken Freckles contacted me asking if I’d like to collaborate with them. They reached out and offered me a pair of their TaDah Full Briefs and a pair of their TaDah Boyleg Briefs. I have been meaning to do this blog post for an incredibly long time, but in a way it’s good as I have REALLY put these babies to the test!


Frikken Freckles are a New Zealand company which is now based in Te Horo along the Kapiti Coast which is actually where I grew up! The brand has changed hands a few times over the years but it’s core ethos is the same: comfortable NZ made clothing and knickers. They have a range of women’s clothing including cardi’s, hoodies, raglan tops and dresses. Their ‘Undies’ range are elastic free and made for Boys, Girls and Women;  breastpads and blankets are also stocked on the website.


Both pairs I received were from the TaDah range which is explained on their website as such:

“The moment you realize that your TaDah! undies are the coolest thing your butt has ever owned, we can almost guarantee a slight addiction to these.

The TaDah! Range of Undies are all elastic free and are made up of totally cool, weird and awesome prints/stripes/plains. We aim to have these as mismatched as possible. It’s always fun knowing that your undies are cooler than the person your talking to. It’s like a little secret between you and your butt.”

I LOVE this concept and it was so exciting having knickers turn up in the mail made out of surprise fabrics!


My Full Brief pair came with a cute panda print on a pale teal background for the front, soft grey trims and a narrow black and white stripe for the back. I honestly could not have got a more ‘me’ pair if I had to choose! In highschool I had a pretty major obsession with pandas and black and white stripes are such a classic.


My Boyleg pair came with a white front, wide yellow and black stripe trim and a narrower yellow and black back. I’m not a huge fan of yellow generally but I really enjoy these. It’s like having a cut little bee butt which is hidden from the front!


I was asked to send in my measurements and they would choose which sizes would be best for me so I ended up with the size M for the Full Brief and a L for the Boyleg brief with measurements of Waist 28” Hips 43”. I have to say that both pairs are exceptionally comfortable and an absolutely perfect fit! They recommend sizing up for the Boyleg if you have wider hips as the waistband sits lower on the body.

The Full Brief retails for $22.50NZD/£11.20 and the Boyleg for $20NZD/£10. These are a bargain. They’ve both held up impeccably from over a year of regular wear and since there’s no elastic it’s all sturdily overlocked together. I haven’t had a single snag, pull or loose thread from either pair.


Now as you may know if you have read some of my posts or follow me elsewhere I believe that comfortable undergarments can be beautiful and intricately designed. I wear my vintage pieces not only because they are of the style I like but also because they are comfortable. HOWEVER these are, in fact, the most comfortable knickers I’ve EVER worn in my life. This may sound like it’s just because I didn’t have to pay for these myself but I have worn each pair on average once a week for over a year. These get washed every load I put in, both pairs made the cut to come overseas with me and only about 30% of my daily-wear lingerie did.


I honestly can’t recommend Frikken Freckles enough. I’ll be bulking up my lingerie collection soon and these are at the top of my list. These are ludicrously comfortable, locally made, extremely cheap and also really fun – even if you don’t go with the randomly selected TaDah range there are so many fun fabrics and styles. And if you have little kiddies you can go matchy-matchy! Definitely check out their website! I could not recommend a better comfort knicker, AND they aren’t a boring old made-in-China 5 pack from the Warehouse.

Had to photograph these outside to give a true kiwi feel as well 😉

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