What Katie Did 1940’s Map Print Lingerie Review

Hi everyone,

Today I’m so excited to be reviewing a set of lingerie that I’ve had my eye on since the very sneak peeks and that is the What Katie Did 1940’s Map Print set! I purchased the Bra and French Knicker. Last month I had my first paycheck after moving overseas 4 months previously and I knew I was going to treat myself to a little set of lingerie! I was initially after the Bow set with the longline bra but unfortunately was sold out in all but 2 sizes so I went with my second pick!


This set is “Inspired by a set of lingerie made from an escape map on display at the Imperial War Museum in London.” During WWII it wasn’t uncommon for disused silk parachutes to be upcycled into a variety of clothing. Although I tend to stray far from ‘traditional’ look for my pinup style it all comes from my love of the bygone eras. This set just really struck a chord with me and I was so excited when it came time to choose my lingerie purchase that this was completely in stock!


I decided to go with the bra and french knicker because I figured I really don’t need the matching suspender since I brought a few belts with me and it wouldn’t be very versatile with the rest of my lingerie wardrobe. Also I chose the french knicker over the knickers because I’ve had a bit of trouble with their high-waisted knicker sizing previously and also I LOVE a french knicker!


I love the softness of this set! The colour and the cut make it so soft and gorgeous. I’m also greatly looking forward to wearing this moving into summer. It’s lovely to have such a light and floaty set. Also the stitching details on the cups are seriously gorgeous!


I bought the bra in the size 32E, my usual size is a 30F but What Katie Did bands are often quite snug and I sister size up often so knew it would be right around my underbust! Now as you can see in this photo there is some wrinkling at the top of the cup. I thought maybe I should have bought a cup size down but the width of this cup feels good-to-snug and I think a different size would have been too small. I actually saw online someone had this same issue and sizing down didn’t work out for them either.


I think if you had a fuller bust this style would work a bit better. Also I think bullet bra pads might help, I just don’t have any on hand right now. I think this is just a bit of a style issue as the padded bottom half of the cup comes up quite high – and the top part is unlined.


Despite the slight fit issue I have, the bra is very comfortable and supportive. The wrinkling is really only minor and still looks completely fine under clothing. Like many What Katie Did bras the straps are attached quite close to the center of the body. I really like this as having a larger cup size with a smaller back size – paired with smaller shoulders I constantly find my bras are digging in under my shoulders. I wore this bra 3 days in a row around 12 hours each day and it was comfortable the whole time and barely felt it on!


Now for the french knicker I was very unsure on sizing. I ended up posting my query on What Katie Did Social – their social Facebook chit-chat group. I got a lot of great advice and ended up going with the size 12. I measure around a 29” waist and 44” hip, and I went for a size 12 , which on the website is recommended for a 27” waist and 37” hip. I think the 12 fits me well. I think I would have been fine going a size down as well but I wanted to make sure it was still nice and loose around the hips. The elastic on the waist gives a very flexible fit and I only need to undo one of the buttons to take them off.


They are super comfortable as well though and look at this fab print! I’m in love with these and would even consider buying a second pair. The rise isn’t as deep as some other french knickers so if the idea of them makes you nervous because of the billowyness then I’d say this is definitely not an issue! They also aren’t too snug as to give me a wedgie, though I don’t recommend yoga in them, haha.


The Bra for this set was £49.50(approx $104NZD) and the French Knicker was also £49.50(approx $104NZD). I think this is a fair price, you know I have had many What Katie Did pieces over the years; the only times I’ve gotten rid of them is because I’ve outgrown them! They are really sturdy and last the test of time. This is also such a unique set and I am so glad I treated myself to it. What Katie Did also are very hands on with their manufacturing with Katie (the owner) spending weeks with the factory in India every year. Their YouTube channel has a lot of insight and Katie is very transparent with their manufacturing.


All in all I am thrilled with this set. I’ve been trying to give it a decent wear test since I got it so I could post this review up ASAP, and I am loving wearing it all the time! I’ve been very tempted by the CC09 set for a long while too and this set just tempts me more.

Thanks so much for reading, and stay safe everyone!

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