1940’s Inspired Fluff and Feature Curl Hairstyle – Pt.2 Styling

Hi everyone!

Welcome to part 2 of my 1940’s inspired Fluff and Feature Curl hairstyle, a bit of a mouthful but it perfectly describes this look! This style features a centre parting with a big bundle of fluff curls towards the back of the head and some sculpted curls at the front. This is a perfect style if you have bangs and are trying to grow them out, and it can be easily modified for different front and back styles.

Last week I showed you the setting pattern for this look, so if you haven’t already seen it just click here to get started. I’ll also pop the setting pattern image down below the video as well for quick reference! I use a pincurl wet set because that’s just what works for my hair, but feel free to use your favourite method of curling.

As I mention in the video I didn’t have any on hand but if you have some toothed slide combs for your hair they will be absolutely perfect for pinning back those fluff curls!

So let’s get into it! And if you do happen to recreate this please tag me on Instagram so I can see!

Setting Pattern

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