My Winter Pinup Travel/Capsule Wardrobe

Hi everyone,

So as you might have seen in this post I visited Sweden at the start of this year. This was my first city based holiday so I was excited to be able to dress in my style and not in predominantly activewear! I wanted to share the clothes I packed with me and how I styled them.

This capsule wardrobe is composed of 5 tops, 2 skirts (one reversible), 1 pair of pants and a coat plus a few accessories for the cold. I managed to get 15 looks out of this! I could definitely have gotten more as well if the reds of my skirt and tops had matched, but oh well.

Since it was just a week long trip I just opted for carry on luggage! I’m not a super heavy packer so I didn’t find this much of a challenge. I actually packed a dress which I didn’t end up wearing as I didn’t need it! I fit all of this into my carry on luggage as well as my makeup, I used my camera bag as my personal item which I stored my camera (duh) and all of my regular handbag items in.

First up is outerwear! I wore my coat on the plane and took it off when sitting, there is no way I was going to leave this behind when travelling to Sweden! I think it’s so important to have a good winter coat. This is one I made myself, but my previous favourite was a Collectif coat– and no it wasn’t the infamous Pearl Coat. I’d also recommend Hell Bunny or Miss Candyfloss from what I’ve heard from friends.

My hat is a 100% wool knitted one I bought from a department store years ago. Gloves are from John Lewis and were a Christmas gift, I’m so excited to finally own leather gloves as I’ve been a merino knit wearer for years (they aren’t great for wet weather or snow). My scarf is op-shopped and actually not the one I brought to Sweden – that one is currently sitting in my work locker.

First up is this Dangerfield top which isn’t listed on the website at the moment but they have a few similar ones. This is quite a thick and cosy knit and I love the boatneck too. The plaid kilt is an op-shop score from years ago but I think this Hell Bunny skirt is very close in colour palette! I really don’t think you can go wrong with a tartan or plaid, it gives you a lot of versatility having so many colours to pull out.

Next I paired the same top with my reversible circle skirt. I made this one myself and it’s felted wool with one side being plain black and the other being a big red plaid.

No I can’t find any companies currently making reversible skirts. The only ones I’ve known of have been Julie Mollo and Glamour Bunny but both seem to have stopped making them. I know really helpful suggestion right? As an alternative I’d go with two separate skirts, one black and one red tartan – here I’ve gone with Vivien of Holloway but honestly both styles are almost a dime a dozen from vintage brands. My best bet would be trying to find vintage wool skirts on eBay or Etsy, nothing beats a thick woolen skirt in the winter!

My next top is a black merino one with big gathered sleeves. Another ‘me make’ I have a very close alternative with the La Femme En Noir Bishop Blouse. You can never go wrong with a voluminous sleeve!

I like the proportions with the slightly slimmer line of the kilt. And of course paired with my black reversible skirt for a darling vintage witch look!

Here’s the other side of my reversible skirt! It’s quite a warm red which I have trouble matching to other reds in my wardrobe. But I adore a pop of red in an all black outfit. One bonus of big sleeves and a circle skirt as it really accentuates your waist and legs making both seem slimmer in contrast to the other shapes going on.

Wow pants! Of course you need to take pants on holiday, I love having an option for a lazy day or a very active day – inevitably my step count sky rockets while on holiday even though I work standing jobs! These are actually a pair of Kathmandu thermal pants I bought a couple of years ago! Sadly well out of season you can still find snowflake print leggings at a lot of cheap stores – a quick google will get you far.

This is a Fair Isle style turtleneck which I have had from Woolovers for YEARS. I can’t find this exact one online but here, here and here are a few close matches. I love their products as the wool is so warm and cosy. They are  especially difficult to find at the moment as the Northern Hemisphere is moving into summer so not a lot of sweaters are being restocked. If you love this style of sweater ‘fair isle’ is the search term you are after for knitted snowflake goodness!

This first look is such a winner for me as I absolutely adore red and blue together! The second is giving me major log cabin vibes and is a great hiking or tramping outfit. Wool on wool on wool is definitely a look I am into. I’m not a layering person so a great jumper is perfect.

Another Woolovers piece this sweater dress is perfect for winter. Worn under a circle skirt it keeps your butt nice and toasty, even with a cotton skirt. I can’t find any close matches on their wbsite but if you’re looking for something similar you’re after a ‘fair isle sweater dress’. Here and here are some close ones, but I haven’t tried the brands personally so can’t vouch for them. It’s also worth mentioning I altered mine to have it fitted.

This top is a matching Kathmandu piece to my pants. My partner won’t stop reminding me that together the pieces look like pajamas but I really do love the look. I am such a sucker for snowflake pieces, but in your wardrobe you could easily sub this with any solid colour thermal top – black, navy and maroon would be my top suggestions as each of those colours is so versatile.


And my last look – trying to pretend I’m actually cold in this very hot late-spring in the UK.

Next up is my grid of all the outfits that came together out of just 9 items of clothing!

Some people find the vintage and pinup style very intimidating to get into because it seems like nothing will fit with your current wardrobe. The key is to slowly build in pieces that can easily be mixed and matched with a range of looks. I think if you alternated all of these in an office in winter no-one would bring up your outfit repetition, but simply your fabulous style!

As you can see with my tartan skirt becuase of all of the colours in it each top brings a different look and enhances a different part of the print. That would be my no.1 recommendation for starting a vintage inspired wardrobe.


Thanks for reading! See you next time!

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