My Quarantine Haircut – First Set & Style

Hi everyone,

So a couple of weeks ago I decided I was fed up with my hair and needed a cut. I hadn’t touched it since November and it had grown out to a point where I didn’t like it. I’m still essentially in lockdown where I am and haven’t seen any hair dressers open, so one night I decided to go for it!

I knew I wanted to go for a horseshoe shape, I’ve been setting my hair more and wasn’t liking the shapes of my sets as much. I’ve never really had anything but a blunt cut in the past 9 years so I finally decided to go for some shaping. I also figured if I hated it I could just trim it back down to a bob.

As with my last video I decided to set and style it for the first time on camera. I like to do this in the hopes that people will just take the leap on trying a new haircut and seeing how it goes! I never know how mine are going to work out so you can see me working through what I want and how I do everything step by step.


One thought on “My Quarantine Haircut – First Set & Style

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