Agent Provocateur Franni Lingerie Review

Hi everyone,

So as you may already know if you are a lingerie afficianado the high-end lingerie Agent Provocateur and from time to time they have amazing sales. I’m talking 50-70% of a whole range of sets. Every time the lingerie community is whipped up into a frenzy trying to figure out which sets they want to indulge in, because the sales are always absolutely worth it!


I’ve only ever bought one set by Agent Provocateur previously and that was their ‘Stone’ set because it looked like snowflake lace! However this year I spied the Franni set on Hexed Boudoir’s instagram and I was IN AWE (of course of both her and the set). I knew I had to have it, but I really couldn’t justify £250, even if the set was originally £640. I longed and longed and for weeks I felt it popping back into my brain, reminding me it’s beauty existed. A couple of weeks ago I decided to have one LAST peek at it and lo and behold it had been discounted further AND there was a 15% off coupon at the top of the site. After getting news that I had less job security than I thought I had I decided, fuck it, and ordered it for a mere £169.


It’s no wonder I fell in love, it ticks all my dream lingerie boxes – highwaisted knicker, bullet bra, wire-free, suspender clips, black, lace and hello rhinestones, swarovski’s to be precise. It’s almost as if this set was designed for me in mind and I couldn’t be more thrilled to own it. Now onto the nitty gritty –

It’s always exciting to purchase something more luxurious. I love the branded box and perfectly tissue wrapped lingerie. It is a little less exciting when you get a parcel bag of plastic bags of each individual piece as with cheaper brands. It also means I can keep it tucked away nicely in the box, I know a few lingerie ladies who use them as general storage for a few sets at a time.


This set absolutely screams showgirl and burleque to me, without the need to do your own stoning! Burlesque is something I’ve always wanted to dabble in so I also justified this set with ‘well if I ever want to get into it I already have one layer…’ After doing my first drag performance on stage at the end of last year I’m definitely thinking of having a proper crack at doing a burlesque performace once things return a little closer to normal.


The little details on this set are what really get me – custom hardware, thick and detailed elastics and the teardrop crystals underneath the bows. It really is a set to behold and I find the more I examine, it the more I fall in love. It’s been a long time since I bought some higher end lingerie and I feel like my lingerie love has been reignited. The swarovski rhinestones are in a light grey and black on the garments and the teardrop ones are a clear AB meaning they reflect a multitude of colours! They glint so perfectly.


Franni Full Cup Wireless Bra £118 down from £395

This bra is extremely comfortable, honestly if my finances allowed it I’d purchase another so I could have one for banging around in and one to keep a little more special. The cup frames are made from a lushious thick black powernet and the cups from a very fine leavers lace backed with non-stretch bra tulle. Despite the sectioned detailing on the cups they are actually compromised of 3 pieces which gives a great soft pointed shape.


The Franni Full Cup Wireless Bra comes in sizes 32-36 B-E which is nice(ish) for cup sizes but very limited in band sizes. Being a wirefree style though I think there is a bit of leeway on sister sizing and probably a cup or band size either side of your own too – potentially fitting a 30-38 B-F. The Franni High Waisted Suspender Brief is available in sizes 2&3 and sold out in a 4 which are the equivalent to an 8, 10 and 12 UK respectively. However if you read on down to the brief portion of my review you will see I managed to squeeze my size 14-16 butt into a 3.


I went with the 32E bra size, I usually wear a 30F or 32E if it’s what I can get a hold of. I actually found this to be a spot-on fit, I’ve recently bought some bras which didn’t quite fit right so this was a pleasant change. I found the band quite snug and it was comfortably firm on the second set of hooks. Because of the nature of the powernet frame I did find it more minimising and it doesn’t provide much of a bullet shape, but more of a gentle cone.


Franni High Waisted Suspender Brief £73 down from £245

For the brief I purchased the size 3 (UK 10) which was not my first pick. According to the size chart I’m about 3 in the waist and a 5 in the hips (29” and 43” respectively). My plan was to split the difference and go with a size 4 but unfortunately they are sold out and I had to settle. I was actually shocked I could fit this size, and I think the open back has a lot to do with that. As you can see on the sides I don’t have much cutting in on the leg holes. However in the same vein as bras too small giving you quad-boob I do feel like I get a bit of quad-butt around the back lace panel.


I also LOVE a detachable strap. Personally not for everyday wear as I like my stockings as high as I can get them, but they are great for an option for photoshoots. They are very lush with thick elastic, more lavish gold hardware and ribbon garter covers. The suspender grips are of a really nice quality too, and they attach from small hooks on both sides instead of sliding through one side like literally every other detachable suspender strap I’ve seen. They were a little bit of a mission to get on, but they will definitely be secure once on and impossible to have an accidental unhooking.


The hook and eyes are so great for getting the slightly small brief on and I adore the 3 hook on the bra as it feels a lot more stable. The first time I was putting the bra on one of the hooks bent strangely so I couldn’t hook it on properly, I managed to put it back just by bending with my hands but they do feel a litte flimsy. The hooks also feel looser than other lingerie I own – a couple I’m able to twiddle with to see the backs of sticking out. This definitely isn’t a standard hook and eye piece as the base fabrics used on both side are much softer.


The Franni Bra and Suspender Brief are still available in some sizes for £118 and £73. This is luxury lingerie so it does come with a higher price point, but for both pieces it’s a saving of £449 which is nothing to turn your nose up at! I just thought I’d note there is a Franni Thong but that’s not my cup of tea. I am really impressed with both pieces so far and definitely would not have been able to purchase at full price. Honestly I can see this set being with me for a long, long time especially having some flexibility in the fit. I can see this being my extra special set but I don’t want to keep it away. I can definitely see myself pulling it out for photoshoots, special occasions and maybe even the stage sometime…

What do you think of this set, has it captured your heart or is it not really your style?

Thanks so much for reading and see you next time!

2 thoughts on “Agent Provocateur Franni Lingerie Review

  1. I love the retro, yet modern look of the set. I like that you went into depth about all aspects of the packaging, which definitely contributes to the overall quality of a brand, sizing, and material quality. I didn’t know detachable straps existed as I’m quite new to the lingerie world, but it was really enlightening to hear your perspective on such a well-known and beloved brand.

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