Hi there!

I’m Xamia Arc, and I blog about my clothing, style and general interests. I consider myself a ‘vintage inspired gothic pinup’.

I’m a professional seamstress and occasionally will post garment tutorials on here as well. Sewing is a huge passion of mine and it’s why I care so much about the quality of clothes I wear and where they come from. I’m incredibly passionate about supporting ethically made and sourced products and you can see that as a main category of a blog. Lingerie is also one of my greatest passions and you will frequently see me reviewing new stockings or maybe a new vintage-style lingerie set.

I predominantly lived in Wellington until the end of 2019 when my partner and I decided to pack our bags and move over to the UK, so now I’m living in London!

I also have published articles on Foundations Revealed: Vintage Peignoir or Negligee and Vintage Pinup Girdle. In these I discuss garments in my collection as well as detailing how to make the pieces.

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