If I Lived in Yharnam OOTD

Hi everyone,

Today I thought I’d share a little OOTD post, something I want to try doing more regularly as they are easier to photograph and write than some of my other posts. My schedule is going to be very tight for the next few months but I really want to try and put out more content.

Today’s outfit was inspired by my Bloodborne shirt and what I would probably wear on a very casual day in Yharnam.


I’ve had this plaid set for years, I think I made it in 2012 and it’s still going strong. Both the skirt and cape are full circles so they were very easy to cut and sew.


I do like the fullness of a circle cape, fitted ones I find can be a bit restrictive. I really like that the skirt on it’s own can be comfy and casual but having something to match really makes it that little bit more stylish. Also you couldn’t be seen in Yharnam without a cape!


The shirt is from Insert Coin Clothing, a brand I discovered when shopping for my SO’s Christmas present. They were having a sale at the time so this is one of the things I picked up for myself!


The shirt isn’t extremely fitted so it can be a big baggy in the waist, but that doesn’t bother me as I usually wear it tucked in. It makes for a nice casual shirt to wear with circle skirts.


The reversible hairbow is from Two Lippy Ladies and I received it in a goody bag from a local high tea last year.

I’m also wearing this Karolina Laskowska choker, I bought this as I couldn’t buy the full set of the Natasza set but loved the lace. I honestly didn’t expect to fall in love with this as much as I did and I really want to buy more of her accessory pieces!



I am wearing Besame Cosmetic‘s American Beauty lipsticks, one of my favourites as it can look anywhere from hot pink to a deeper red depending on your skintone and clothing.

And we’ll finish off with a dorky photo because why not?


I hope you enjoyed this little OOTD post, let me know if you enjoyed it or would want to see more on the future!

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Christmas Day OOTD

Hi everyone,

Welcome to this week’s post detailing my Christmas Day OOTD. Every year for the past 5 years I’ve made myself a special outfit to wear at Christmas and of course this year was no exception. First I’m going to detail my inspiration behind the dress and then there are PLENTY of pictures of me wearing it! All pictures were also taken by myself at my parent’s house.

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted. I was actually planning on using a bright poinsettia print fabric as I adore poinsettia, but then I noticed a gorgeous green brocade in my fabric stash. I originally bought loads of it so I could make myself a big sleeved winter dress. I also wanted to do something a bit different, I usually use typical cottons from Spotlight and this fabric really inspired me. It’s also actually a curtain fabric!

Most of my inspiration came from random google searches along the lines of ’50’s christmas dress’, ‘vintage day dress’, ‘green vintage dress’ so on and so forth. I also have many, many vintage fashion books and plenty of older sketches I have done through the years. I just kind of pieced it together from a few sources, I would link pictures but I could not find any.

I was also looking for a slightly more historical look. I have been looking at a lot of my fashion history books recently and have also been super inspired by Angela Clayton recently. I wanted to go with a bit of a Romantic style which is where the extra full skirt, fabric and headdress came from. I also left my hair quite fluffy and not too formed.


The necklace was a vintage piece my great-aunt gave me as a gift a few years ago. It is one of my go-to pieces for an extra glam look.





This skirt is more than a full circle, and I really wanted the full look. I would love to have worn a petticoat with it but I still don’t own one. I wished I had steamed or ironed this dress first, but unfortunately I don’t own an iron at the moment and this was at the end of a long day.



The halo is made from 3 mini wreaths I found at Crabtree & Evelyn actually, my mother was kind enough to snag them for me so I spent Christmas Eve cutting them up and hot gluing them together. I wanted to make a big extravagant one but I really like the subtlety of this.



I wore these wonderful What Katie Did stockings with a green contrast seam. Also my beloved Clarks shoes.


Here is just a small selection of what I can fit into one of my pockets. I actually originally wanted them to stand up but the fabric wasn’t quite right so I stitched them down at the top of the peak. I actually like how this contributes to the drapey look.


And of course I have to mention my lipstick is ICON by Hourglass from the Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick line. I adore it to bits and it is my current favourite.

I hope you all had an enjoyable holiday season and if you didn’t be sure to take some time for yourself soon.

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Pinup Christmas Countdown Days 9-16

Hi everyone,

Sorry I’m a bit late with this one! It’s almost Christmas now! I’ve just been super busy cleaning and getting Christmas things ready that it’s hard to keep track of the days!

Day 9

Top: Insert Coin Clothing

Skirt: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Stockings: Levante

Day 10

Dress: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Stockings: Levante

Shoes: Atticus

Day 11


Bodysuit (Top): Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Harness: Hopeless Lingerie Maja Harness

Brooch: Heidi and Gretel

Skirt: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Stockings: Columbine

Day 12

I was kind of cheating for this one as it’s an outfit from an evening out a few days prior.

Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing Courtesan dress

Stockings: Levante

Shoes: Clarks

Day 13


Top: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing Jenny skirt altered into a wrap skirt

Stockings: Levante

Day 14

Outfit 1


Sorry about the colour temperature in this one, I had been taking some blog post photos the day before and it needed an adjustment I forgot to change back!

Dress: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Stockings: Columbine

Outfit 2


I was helping to host an event for my course so I dressed up nicely in the evening.

Dress: Pinup Girl Clothing

Necklace: Jubly-Umph

Shoes: Atticus

Day 15

Cardigan: Wheels and Dollbaby – Dita Von Teese Cardigan in National Velvet

Brooch: Lovisa

Skirt: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Stockings: Levante

Day 16

Bodysuit (Top): Heidi Klum Intimates Dolco Como bodysuit

Skirt: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Stockings: Levante


The third and final week shall be coming up shortly! It might take me a couple of days after Christmas to post it though. I hope you are enjoying this, it’s interesting to look at my style as I don’t tend to do outfit roundup posts. I make a lot of my own clothes so I don’t feel too useful or interesting posting them.

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Pinup Christmas Countdown Days 1-8

Hi everyone,

So this year I have been taking part in the lovely Miss Rouge NZ’s Pinup Christmas Countdown which is a wonderful event attempting to wear Christmas themed outfits from the 1st to the 25th of December! I’ve previously done the 12 Days of Pinup Christmas but thought this would be more of a fun challenge.

If you want to follow along I am posting my daily updates on Instagram and I will also be making posts every 8 days, so on the 8th, 16th and 24th. I will also be doing a big OOTD post for Christmas Day but that may come a few days later.

Day 1

Dress: Bernie Dexter – Osterley Dress in Winter Wonderland print

Brooch: Heidi and Gretel

Stockings: Simon de Winter (tights converted into stockings)

Shoes: Josef Seibel

Day 2:

Top and Skirt: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Stockings: Levante

Shoes: Atticus

Day 3:

Dress: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Brooch: Vintage

Stockings: Pretty Polly

Shoes: Clarks

Day 4:

Sweater: NumSkull

Pants: Toxic Vision Clothing

Shoes: Atticus

Day 5:

Cardigan: Wheels and Dollbaby – Dita Von Teese Cardigan in Emerald Green

Skirt: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Stockings: What Kate Did

Shoes: Atticus

Day 6:

Dress: Bernie Dexter – Osterley Dress in Winter Wonderland print

Brooch: Vintage

Stockings: Levante

Shoes: Clarks

Day 7:

Pants: Black Milk Clothing – Bleeding Mummy Leggings

Shoes: Atticus

Day 8:

Top: Handmade (Xamia Arc Clothing)

Skirt: Pinup Girl Clothing – Jenny Skirt (re-made into wrap skirt)

Stockings: Columbine

Shoes: Atticus


That’s it for my first week and a bit, stay tuned for more!

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Satin Padded Bullet Bra – What Katie Did Lingerie Review Pt. 1

Hi all,

As we all know I love vintage lingerie, be it vintage or reproduction. That’s why this year for my birthday I decided to treat myself to a large order from What Katie Did. I’ve recently changed bra size and had some weight issues due to health reasons so I wanted to get myself something that would make me feel and look good.

I actually ended up returning the Kate Longline Cone Bra and the Liz Bra because they didn’t fit me quite right. I was quite sad because they look fabulous on some people but just didn’t work for me. This feeling was quickly gone though as the stuff that did fit is PERFECT(review spoiler)!


What I am wearing (and reviewing) is the Satin Padded Bullet Bra, Liz Suspender Knickers and the Point Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings. This post is just part 1 where I will discuss the bra, stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 where I will discuss the knickers and stockings!

Something I also have to mention before I get into it is that What Katie Did do manufacture ethically. Katie is always very transparent about manufacturing and here is one of her many posts if you would like to read up about it.


I need to talk about this spectacular bra. I love a good bullet bra, and the more extreme the better in my opinion. I understand that this isn’t an ‘everyone’ bra but I do wish everyone could experience wearing one at least once. This is actually the bra I have found myself reaching for the most often since I received my order.

As you can see it is a very strong and striking design, the circle stitching is a lovely classic detail but the padded extreme point lends itself to the fetish stylings of the 1950’s. I also love the little peeking hole between the cups. This bra will definitely be visible with wide or scoop necks which is a small drawback, but when worn with a higher neck it will be more striking.


Having smaller shoulders I was actually worried about how far the straps reach around the back, but as they are attached so close together at the front I haven’t had them slide off even once! The band is quite snug on me but still comfortable, it is definitely minimal stretch but true to size. This bra would be perfect to wear with wide or open backed dresses. I am very tempted to design a lush evening gown just to wear this bra under.


The bra has no underwire but probably the best support I’ve ever had. The cups are so sturdy and structured and with the snug band and well placed straps everything just feels to secure. The full coverage also means there’s never any risk of spillage, even if you are wearing a size too small. I find that due to the lack of underwires I don’t experience any digging in toward the end of the day (when I am relaxing on the couch)  which is wonderful and means I can wear the bra right up until I go to bed.

I bought the size 32DD/E as I fit around a 10DD at the moment. This fits pretty well, but I think if I was going to buy another (as I’m considering the peach) I might size up to the 32F. This fits pretty well but I find that I have a little too much breast tissue at the top which can make the points droop a bit. But it’s just something I would consider, but I do love the fit and comfort of this one. I found What Katie Did’s Cathedral bras fit me well which you can read about here, but I’ve previously had a Marlene one which felt a little small so it might just be how the bullet styles fit on me.


The Satin Padded Bullet Bra costs £39.50 which is about $72NZD, this is a great price. The Poesie bra by Triumph is in a similar vein but without padding and costs $60, so the What Katie Did one is great value, and it is made ethically. I find it to be super comfortable and fun to wear, it makes such a great silhouette under vintage style pieces. If you have trouble filling out the busts of true vintage dresses this style of bra will also definitely help as it has a lot of projection.

I love this so much I’m considering purchasing the peach as well and getting some of the CC09 French Knickers to match. If you have at all considered taking the plunge with this bra I say go ahead. What Katie Did also have a fantastic returns service which I discovered when I had to return some items if you don’t end up being too keen on it. Stay tuned for Part 2 where I cover the Liz Suspender Knickers!

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A New Skirt OOTD

Hi all,

Sorry I’ve missed a couple of posts, I haven’t been feeling too well recently and have had a few days off work. Anyway last week I managed to rustle up myself a new skirt out of some gorgeous fabric I found so I thought I would show it off in an OOTD post!


The fabric is a gorgeous wool blend with a diamondish pattern in pinks, blues and purples! It really reminds me of a wet city in the evening too, as if you were looking into a puddle seeing the reflection of the buildings and cars and people all around.


I did my eye makeup to match and I used both my Urban Decay and Smashbox palettes, both of which I’ve previously reviewed on here.


I’m also wearing my new lipstick which is Blue Velvet by Jeffree Star Cosmetics. I had the shade Redrum and I adored the shade and formula, it’s now completely empty now. I felt like something different so I went with this beautiful bright blue. I think it’s a really wearable shade, particularly on me, it’s not too bright and I already wear a lot of blue.


I took my photos at work today as there isn’t any sunlight left by the time I get home anymore. I’ve also reviewed the sweater I am wearing here, this is still an all time favourite and I hope to get at least one more colour of it for winter this year.

I actually made this skirt so that I could wear the pattern two ways. The above pictures show the colours going vertically, and below horizontally.

It isn’t a hug difference but I really liked how both ways looked so I wanted the option! Also I still get a pocket whichever way I wear it which is handy.


I was rushing out of the house and I decided I wanted a bit of jewellery so I chose this amazing Jubly-Umph necklace. I bought it last year I think and it is ‘The Teardrop Lighthouse’ a limited edition necklace which I am so glad I bought. I really love lighthouses and this is such a sturdy but delicate looking piece.


I love putting large circular pockets on my skirts! I find patch pockets much more convenient and it adds a point of difference.


I’m wearing my recently reviewed Columbine stockings in the shade Misty. Also apologies for the thread on my leg, had I known I would have removed it! Also I love heeled boots with some fur cuffs as the weather gets colder, I’ve gone through this is my 2nd or 3rd pair and it’s just a style I am obsessed with. This pair is getting a little tattered though so I need to start looking for some more.


Sorry it wasn’t too exciting today. I’ll try to get something up for Thursday otherwise it might just end up being next Monday. I really like this skirt and this outfit, it was perfect for a snug day as it was quite chilly finally! As an added bonus I’ll leave you with a picture of my foundations! It is May the Month of Lingerie so follow my on Instagram for daily lingerie pictures for this month. I’ll try to do a big compilation post at the end of the month too!


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Pixie Dust – Pinup Pals

Hi all,

Welcome to this post which may become a regular series, I thought I’d introduce you all to some fabulous pinup/vintage ladies who have become my friends!


Photo by Me

Today I want to introduce one of my ‘Pinup Pals’ from Wellington, Miss Pixie Dust! Pixie is such a gorgeous, funny and sassy babe! We see each other at almost all of the events we Wellington Pinups hold and she is also a frequent customer of my shop. I love being able to alter and make clothing for her, as it’s someone who dresses similarly to me but has her own style, and what a style! I absolutely love it when she comes in with new vintage goodies for me to adjust!

Miss Pixie Dust is also a finalist for Miss Pinup New Zealand 2016! So exciting! She’s also the only entrant from the Wellington region so we are all rooting for her. You can vote for her as Miss Publicity here.

Here are some quick questions so you can get to know her better!

Where were you born?

I was born in Germany

What do you do?

I’m a Therapist in mental health and before that I used to work as a Social Worker. One of my passions is working with adolescents.

When did you first become interested in the pinup/vintage style?/Why were you drawn to the style?

I’ve always been drawn to the 40s and 50s era, mainly because it connects me with my grandmother who lives trough World War II. I remember watching Classic movies with my nana on Sunday afternoons and listening to her telling me stories about her experiences of the war. I’m in love with the fashion of this era, too- especially the workwear and teddy girl style.

I adore Pixie in her workwear styles!

What do you like about being a Wellington Pinup?

What I love most about being a Wellington pinup are the relationships I’ve formed with the gorgeous women in our wee community. The other thing would be the freedom of self-expression it gives me.

Why did you decide to enter Miss Pinup New Zealand?

Entering miss Pinup NZ was another way of challenging myself to do something outside of my comfort zone. I had encouragement from my friends to give it a go and I enjoy bringing my quirky personality out to play! My day job is about empowering people to live a fulfilled and content life- to do things that make them happy and feeds their souls. I guess I should practice what I preach smile emoticon

What would you tell to someone who is interested or starting out with dressing pinup/vintage?

Find out what works for you, celebrate your individuality and tag along to one of out meet-ups. Everyone is welcome!!


Photo by Matt Barnes

So there she is! Do please remember to vote for her as Miss Publicity and check out the other contestants too!

You can (do it) follow Pixie on Facebook here

And (highly recommended) on instagram: @mspixiedust

Hope you enjoyed this, I’d like to continue this and make it fortnight or monthly so you can meet all my friends!