Jonathan Aston Backseam & Heel Stockings Review

Hi everyone,

I’ve noticed that Farmers have been getting quite a few new stockings in so I’ve found a new pair to try! These are by Jonathan Aston and they are the Back Seam & Heel Stockings from the ‘Vintage Legs’ collection.


I like that the card your stockings come wrapped around has some pictures from the range, it’s a little more detail than most.


These stockings retail for $16.99 and just come in Black here in NZ, which is a 15 denier sheer black leg with black seam and welt. I find any weather and season suitable for black stockings, but we are coming into winter so I am excited to wear them with some of my darker outfits.


I do adore the opaque black seam, heel and toe but especially the slight leg shaping! It shows a real attention to detail and aids what I find to be a great fit.


These are some of the smoothest stockings I have ever felt. They are silky smooth and never feel rough even when I rub my legs together. I also really like that the smooth feeling doesn’t come with a shiny slip of any kind, they are still gorgeously matte.


The knit of them is very fine which is why they feel so good, and it’s wonderful they managed to do this without upping the opacity. I also find the knit makes them less prone to laddering. I actually ripped quite a hole in them on my first day wearing them and it didn’t ladder at all throughout the day (I ripped them at about 11am and wore them until 8pm). Before I took them off I sealed the hole with clear nail varnish and they held up really well the next time I wore them!


These stockings come in the sizes A/B and B/C, the size chart is explained on the back of the package and is like a regular hosiery size chart. Though I fit in A/B of course I went with B/C for the extra length. They fit well up to the top of my legs, though the suspender belt I was wearing in these photos doesn’t hold them up quite so high. They fit comfortably but I’m not sure they would fit legs much thicker than mine. What I do like though is that the tautness of the stretch means they don’t sag at the welt as much as other stockings and they really don’t want to fall down my legs.


I looove the fully fashioned style of these, and for the price point it was something I was totally not expecting (excuse the fluff on the carpet and my feet). The seam was also raised and felt so much like a real seam. The cuban heel shape is my all time favourite heel shape and I prefer it to a point heel so they get extra points there!


I love these stockings and I’m thinking about re-purchasing them in the next couple of weeks! I love the soft smoothness and the fact they can stand up to a bit of wear and tear. At only $16.99 NZD they are such good value compared to other stockings available here. These are already some of my favourite stockings that are possible to buy locally, and they are the closest stretch stocking to true nylon Fully Fashioned that I have tried!

I am wearing these stockings with the Dita Von Teese Madame X
Bikini Brief and Suspender in black.

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VooDoo Undercover Back-Seam Stocking Review

Hi everyone,

I’ve been wanting to do more vintage related reviews recently but don’t have the budget for new clothing most of the time. I have decided to do more stocking reviews! We don’t have a lot of places that sell stockings in NZ and it can be such a hassle ordering online. I’m going to be reviewing whatever I can find of seamed stockings here! I’ve previously reviewed Columbine Stockings here if you haven’t checked that out.

First I’m going to be starting off with these VooDoo Undercover Back-Seam Stockings which I spotted in Farmers for the first time about a month ago.


These stockings retail for $19.99 and come in Dark Noir (Black seam on Black stocking) and Monaco Glow/Noir (Black seam on Nude/Sunkissed stocking). Of course I went with Dark Noir; most skin tone stockings come up way too dark and orange on me.


Out of the packet they did not inspire total confidence. They have the standard stretch stocking sausage shape and that seam is anything but straight, but they did turn out fine when worn. I was also rather concerned that they might not fit as they seem quite small straight out of the packet.


These do feel very soft and comfortable. I don’t find them scratchy or itchy at all at any point during the day.


I was quite disappointed that the V-shaped design at the top of the stocking did not look as nice as it did on the packaging. Maybe if I had a smaller size they would have stretched out more, but they are a nice touch.


They do have quite a smooth look to them. Up close the weaving is a little looser and more obvious, but this is usual with stretch stockings, and these have plenty of stretch in them. The welts are also much thinner on me than on the model on the packet, but I had no problem with them digging in though the day and have worn them for quite long days which is fantastic!


I always buy my stockings in the Tall/X-Tall size as my lower half is larger and I also want my stockings to come up high on my legs. Despite the squat seam detail I do think these fit well. They aren’t too loose around my ankle and they stretch around my ample thigh with no trouble. For reference I am about a size 16 on my lower-half and think these could fit a size 18 quite well too.


I was rather dissapointed that the seam just starts at the toe and runs right to the top with no heel detail or reinforcement. I feel like I will damage the heel more easily, but I haven’t had that problem so far. I do understand that this is probably to make this fit more universal, I know I have trouble with getting stocking heels to fit where they need to be.


If you want a comfortable and soft pair of daily seamed stockings then I can definitely recommend these. I was dissapointed with the welt detail but the comfort more than makes up for this. At $19.99 they are around the price of What Katie Did stockings which is pretty reasonable. I definitely reach for these in my daily life and know I can wear them for long days with no trouble!

I already have my next pair of stockings ready and waiting to be reviewed so look out for that soon!

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Liz Suspender Knickers – What Katie Did Lingerie Review Pt. 2

Hi everyone and welcome back to part 2 of my What Kate Did review! If you missed out on Pt.1  you can catch up here.

Today I will be talking about the Liz Suspender Knickers, a piece from their Liz collection which focuses on soft-cup bras and comfortable pieces. I had thought about purchasing this set for a long time before now. Generally at least one colourway pops up in their larger sales and I’m always tempted. I did purchase the bra but returned it for fit issues.


I have heard a lot about these knickers, predominantly – these are extremely comfortable and it’s so convenient having an all-in-one suspender brief. At first I wasn’t so sure as there are only 4 suspender clips and I am a 6+ kind of gal. I have worn these with stockings a few times, including the day I took these photos. I find they work well at keeping stockings up (essential) but when I wear seams I do have some twisting. The problem is when I sit the suspender straps slip to the sides of my legs so it pulls the stockings along with them. I will definitely continue to wear them, but will try to only wear my non-seamed ones when I am. The Liz collection also comes with a 6-strap suspender belt.

I find these underwear to be EXTREMELY comfortable. They are the kind of underwear you want to wear when you’re having a crap day and need to feel good, and also the kind of underwear you want to wear when you are feeling great and want to kill it. The first day I wore them I couldn’t believe how little I felt them and how comfy they were. After a few wears I have noticed if I wear them overnight they can become a little tight around the legs, but I discuss this later with the fit.


One thing I do like is that they are actually made from one pattern piece so there is just a single seam at the back. This would make them ideal for snug dresses as they also have a bit of shaping power due to the fabric and stretch. The fabric also gives you a lovely smoothed shape, having larger hips I love how it flatters them and makes them look soft and round. I do like that they used scalloped elastic as it gives them a little more detail. Speaking of elastic, the full coverage and wider elastic means it does shape your bum a bit. If you have been slacking with exercise and yoga (like some of us) then it is a welcome feature.

The suspender straps are great quality with metal clips, hooks and sliders. I had no issues at all with grip and my stockings have felt secure every day I’ve worn them. I really like the toothed sliders as they offer better grip and have a lovely vintage feel. They are great when worn without the suspender straps as well, and I love that versatility. I love to wear them with a t-shirt and stretchy pants (I sometimes need to for my study, shock horror I know) as it helps to define my waist and gives me a little boost of confidence.


I ordered the size 14 as I wanted them to fit my waist and they were made to be stretchy. The size 14 is made to fit a 29” waist and 39” hip. At the moment I am about a 29” waist and 43” hip and I still found them very comfortable. The one issue I do have is that if I wear them overnight the inner of the leg holes do feel a little tight and uncomfortable when I wake up. It isn’t a huge bother, I think the size 16 with a 41” hip would feel better but I didn’t want to sacrifice the waist fit. If I felt so inclined I could buy the larger size and take in the waist. I think I could gain or lose a little weight and I think they would still fit perfectly. The fabric is slightly thicker but has a nice taut stretch, so it has mild shaping properties but also feels wonderful.

Another thing I love about the pattern is the way the leg holes are cut a little high at the front. I have already mentioned the ‘perks’ of the way the back is cut but the higher front flatters the leg and elongates it at the perfect spot. This is ideal for the shorter ladies, and anyone really as it is so flattering. They also hit at the true waist which is something that is actually very difficult to find these days. Especially having larger hips means the rise isn’t usually long enough so I either end up with a wedgie or a mid-hip fit.


I am a HUGE fan of these knickers and would love to swtich my entire collection of briefs into them. I wish they would release the suspender knickers in all their Liz colourways – I for one would be all over that. They fit and feel great while also being ethically made, how much better can you get!

They cost £29.50 or about $53 here. Although this may seem a little pricey for briefs it is entirely worth the cost. They are simple, elegant and comfortable as having the convenience of a high-waisted knicker and a suspender belt! Also I can guarantee these will be a favourite, I wash mine at least once a week so I can keep them in quick rotation! If you haven’t ordered from them before I believe you can get a 10% off coupon from signing onto their emails. They are one of the few brands who I enjoy getting emails from as their lingerie is to die for and they have some great informative blog posts too.

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Satin Padded Bullet Bra – What Katie Did Lingerie Review Pt. 1

Hi all,

As we all know I love vintage lingerie, be it vintage or reproduction. That’s why this year for my birthday I decided to treat myself to a large order from What Katie Did. I’ve recently changed bra size and had some weight issues due to health reasons so I wanted to get myself something that would make me feel and look good.

I actually ended up returning the Kate Longline Cone Bra and the Liz Bra because they didn’t fit me quite right. I was quite sad because they look fabulous on some people but just didn’t work for me. This feeling was quickly gone though as the stuff that did fit is PERFECT(review spoiler)!


What I am wearing (and reviewing) is the Satin Padded Bullet Bra, Liz Suspender Knickers and the Point Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings. This post is just part 1 where I will discuss the bra, stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 where I will discuss the knickers and stockings!

Something I also have to mention before I get into it is that What Katie Did do manufacture ethically. Katie is always very transparent about manufacturing and here is one of her many posts if you would like to read up about it.


I need to talk about this spectacular bra. I love a good bullet bra, and the more extreme the better in my opinion. I understand that this isn’t an ‘everyone’ bra but I do wish everyone could experience wearing one at least once. This is actually the bra I have found myself reaching for the most often since I received my order.

As you can see it is a very strong and striking design, the circle stitching is a lovely classic detail but the padded extreme point lends itself to the fetish stylings of the 1950’s. I also love the little peeking hole between the cups. This bra will definitely be visible with wide or scoop necks which is a small drawback, but when worn with a higher neck it will be more striking.


Having smaller shoulders I was actually worried about how far the straps reach around the back, but as they are attached so close together at the front I haven’t had them slide off even once! The band is quite snug on me but still comfortable, it is definitely minimal stretch but true to size. This bra would be perfect to wear with wide or open backed dresses. I am very tempted to design a lush evening gown just to wear this bra under.


The bra has no underwire but probably the best support I’ve ever had. The cups are so sturdy and structured and with the snug band and well placed straps everything just feels to secure. The full coverage also means there’s never any risk of spillage, even if you are wearing a size too small. I find that due to the lack of underwires I don’t experience any digging in toward the end of the day (when I am relaxing on the couch)  which is wonderful and means I can wear the bra right up until I go to bed.

I bought the size 32DD/E as I fit around a 10DD at the moment. This fits pretty well, but I think if I was going to buy another (as I’m considering the peach) I might size up to the 32F. This fits pretty well but I find that I have a little too much breast tissue at the top which can make the points droop a bit. But it’s just something I would consider, but I do love the fit and comfort of this one. I found What Katie Did’s Cathedral bras fit me well which you can read about here, but I’ve previously had a Marlene one which felt a little small so it might just be how the bullet styles fit on me.


The Satin Padded Bullet Bra costs £39.50 which is about $72NZD, this is a great price. The Poesie bra by Triumph is in a similar vein but without padding and costs $60, so the What Katie Did one is great value, and it is made ethically. I find it to be super comfortable and fun to wear, it makes such a great silhouette under vintage style pieces. If you have trouble filling out the busts of true vintage dresses this style of bra will also definitely help as it has a lot of projection.

I love this so much I’m considering purchasing the peach as well and getting some of the CC09 French Knickers to match. If you have at all considered taking the plunge with this bra I say go ahead. What Katie Did also have a fantastic returns service which I discovered when I had to return some items if you don’t end up being too keen on it. Stay tuned for Part 2 where I cover the Liz Suspender Knickers!

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Columbine Hosiery – Stockings review

Hi everyone and welcome to another review,

Today I will be talking about Columbine stockings which is one of the most widely available stocking brands in New Zealand. They are also actually made here which is why I love to buy them as it supporting locally and ethically made clothing! Columbine Hosiery is widely available throughout New Zealand and Australia being stocked at chain and department stores like Farmers, Smith & Caugheys, Myer and David Jones.

I’m reviewing the Columbine 15Denier Sheer Stockings. I purchased the shades Misty and Midnight for this review and I bought them at Farmers. I will be showing the unpackaging of the shade Misty as I whipped out the Midnight ones straight away to wear when I bought them. They also come in Blush – a ‘nude’ shade which is too dark for me as well as Ebony – plain black.


Now as you can see these are not the traditional nylon stockings, these do have lycra in them to give them stretch. I think these are a great everyday option as they are comfortable and pretty hard-wearing. These stocking are also only $12 which is such a bargain as most other brands in stores will start at $17. Also if you keep an eye out on the Farmers Thursday sales they often have discounts on hosiery which makes it an even more affordable option!


In terms of sizing I always buy the size Tall. I have size 9-10 feet so I can fit the size Average but I like the tall option as it allows me to wear them at a high ‘opera’ length which is my ideal. Also I don’t want them to be too narrow, to be honest I’m not sure if they are fitted to different led widths or if it just done by length but I suspect the latter.

Here they are when you open them up. I like to keep my inner packaging as it’s a really good way to store stockings by wrapping them back up and labelling them so they don’t end up in a ball on your dresser *ahem*. As you can see they are not leg shaped like traditional nylons because they have the stretch in them to fit and this is a much easier way to produce.


Unstretched they are about the width of my hand but definitely stretch much larger, particularly at the welt. My upper thigh is about 26.5”/67cm in circumference and I can stretch the welt up to over 30”/76cm with my hands. They have also never been baggy around my ankles and are a good opacity all the way down the leg.

Here I am wearing the Midnight shade with a shaping suspender belt/short girdle made by me. I actually love this shade, I bought it once by accident when I wanted black and I was disappointed at first but it’s really grown on me. It’s a nice contrast against black clothing and I’ll put a couple of Instagram pictures in to show you examples of what I wear with them.

Next up is Misty which I’m wearing with the Dita Von Teese ‘Glorified Girl’ Suspender belt. This is a shade I absolutely adoooore! This is probably my favourite shade to wear in cooler weather. It’s a nice contrast with icy blues and light purples.

As I mentioned these stockings are quite hard-wearing. I always wash mine by hand but I’ve previously found they are fine if put in a lingerie bag in the washing machine, though they come out a bit wrinkled. I get at least 15 wears out of mine (often many more) before I get a devastating laddering hole in them. The toes are well re-enforced I find this is where I get a lot of holes but they never run or ladder so I usually will seal them with a bit of clear nail polish and then sew the hole closed. I’ve caught rough nails in the stockings before and it will usually just make a smaller hole than cause a huge disaster, which again I just run some polish around.

This is the outfit I wore on the day. I went out to get lunch and walked almost a kilometre and a half. As you can see the stockings have sagged quite a bit between the clips. They do tend to so I never wear a suspender belt with less than 6 clips with these and I preferably wear one with 8 as they won’t sag as much. I find that if you wear the stockings with fewer clips then the stockings will then sag and then start cutting into your leg if you sit down for too long. I find this suspender belt a little too long for my tastes and it does slide down a little throughout the day, especially over high-waist underwear.

When I wear my stockings at opera length I find that they won’t sag or cut in as much. I think that it because the legs get wider below the welt at the longer length whereas if worn lower they will taper so it is easier for the stockings to slip. Also wearing longer stocking prevents thigh chafing which is always a big plus if you don’t have to do anything extra to avoid that.

These are my most worn stockings and are super affordable for everyday wear. Also they are made right here in NZ and ethical clothing is something really important to me. There’s a good range of shades and I definitely recommend trying them if you haven’t yet!

As always, thanks for reading!

May the Month of Lingerie – Week 4, THE END!

May the Month of Lingerie is now over! It was sooo much fun to take part in again and I will definitely do it next year. I will try to make a blog post this coming week about my thoughts and experiences taking part in the last couple of years.

Day 22

Day 22

Dita Von Teese ‘Parisienne’ set in Black/Vintage Pink. I think this might actually be my new favourite lingerie. It is super comfortable and looks absolutely gorgeous! I am going to publish a blog post this week reviewing the set. I’m also wearing Columbine stockings in Misty.

Day 23

Day 23

A lacey mish-mash today. I am wearing the Evollove Night Sky Contour bra, Dita Von Teese ‘Glorified Girl’ suspender belt and Surprise Panties from Paranoire. I love these underwear and will definitely be buying more of them, I love the excitement of not knowing what you’re getting and knowing it is going to be amazing quality. I have liked Paranoire for years but only just got around to buying some, but I think I will definitely have quite a swag come next year’s May the Month of Lingerie.

Day 24

Day 24

Today is Pleasure State Couture – Theodora Skye, one of my favourite sets of lingerie. I love the silver and blue contrast and the sparkling swarovski’s and silver eyelash lace, swoon~. This was my first impulse love and ASAP buy set and I have no regrets.

Day 25

Day 25

Evollove – Twilight Dream in Blue Star print. I am posting early today since I am going to my parents house to see my sick cat this afternoon and evening. This is my ultimate comfort lingerie. The bra is so comfortable with perfectly fitting thin cups, also the briefs feel weightless. I haven’t found another colourway of this style I’ve liked so far which is a shame because I would definitely buy it again.

Day 26

Day 26

Today was a very hard day, just wearing Stella McCartney – Viola Dozing briefs as my underwear today. I hope to get the matching bodysuit at some stage, and I would love it if they would release this set in black.

Off topic~


This is a picture of my cat who I visited yesterday, and today he passed away. His name was Fnuf. It was very sad for me as I have known him for the last 17 or so years. He was originally a stray cat who neighbours of ours occasionally fed but I had a strong attachment to. My mother and I are both very allergic to cats so a few years ago I built him a house for him to live in outside and he stayed with us. He was such a handsome cat and I have ordered a Cuddle Clone to remember him by.

Day 27

Day 27

I needed more comfort lingerie today. I’m wearing Stella McCartney – Tammy Tickling. I really like having my comfy soft cup lingerie for days like this. And I don’t feel I look too lazy since the flocked bows make such a nice detail.

Day 28

Day 28

Today I managed to put makeup on, which was a bit of a struggle to be honest. Today I’m wearing the Kiss Me Deadly – Violet Divine multiway bra and briefs, as well as their matching Opaque Violet stockings. I’m also wearing a cheap VooDoo suspender belt as it was the only one I have that didn’t clash with the rest. I loooove these stockings, so cheap for the quality as they are so comfy and stretchy and soft and I need like all the colours.

Day 29

Day 29

Feeling good today and this might be my favourite photo so far! I’m wearing the Pleasure State Couture – Chloe Abigail Bodysuit in Chili Pepper. I’ve wanted this bodysuit for so long and I was at a Bendon Outlet store yesterday and I found it for only $20! I would have preferred a medium but for that price a small is more than adequate!

Day 30

Day 30

Today I’m wearing my new Pleasure State White Label – Izobel Dakota set. I love this lace, metallic gold and black go together so well

Day 31

Day 31

I wanted to wear something fun and interesting for my last day, but I had to get up early for a photoshoot and then I had a lunch/shopping meetup with some lovely Pinup ladies so by the time I got home I was super exhausted I just needed to lounge.

I’m just wearing a Jockey bodysuit which has cute lace detail at the hips with my Levante Velatissima Nylon Stay-ups.

Well I hope you all enjoyed my May the Month of Lingerie! I have a fair bit of other lingerie I didn’t get to show off but this was a nice selection. I have definitely been inspired to post more of my good lingerie days on instagram after this, so follow me there if you are interested!

Until next time.

OOTD A Chilly Grey Tuesday

Finally Autumn has arrived which means we are one step closer to Winter down here! I love the cold, and living in windy Wellington makes the cold even more intense. I really loved the outfit I wore today, it was so comfy and kept me at the perfect temperature.


I made both the top and skirt which I am wearing and the skirt is available in my Etsy store here. The top is made of NZ Merino which is super soft and warm, and knitted in a Fair Isle style. As I’m working on a pinup basics collection right now I am really tempted to do a small run of these tops, but they would be horrendously expensive due to the cost of the fabric.


I’ve recently fallen in love with these grey stockings by Columbine. These are the 15 Denier Stockings in the colour Misty and retail for $11.99. I bought these as I was trying to find a conversation opener so that I could get my loyalty card for Kirkcaldie & Stains, as ridiculous as it sounds. Anyway the sample made them look like they had quite a sheen to them, but when I got them out when I got home they were actually matte.


For some reason I’m not a huge fan of black sheer stockings at the moment, the exception is the Levante Velatissima Stay Up, because Levante Nylon stockings are the lightest, softest, most incredible stockings I’ve tried so far. Anyway, nude for my skin tone has been hard to find so far, so I chose to have a go with these grey ones. I didn’t think I would like them as much as I do and I’m trying to find as many outfits as I can which go with them. These are my favourite stockings at the moment. They are also surprisingly soft and well knit for the price, but they will make holes easily.

hair flower

I also bought this small hair flower piece from Farmers today. It came with two separate bunches which each had 3 purple orchids on them. They are great and it cost me $5 for the both! They actually have a lot of hair flowers so I suggest heading on down there if you have the time!


And last of all the lipstick! I recently dug this one out of my lipstick container after forgetting I had it. This is the Lancôme Rouge in Love lipstick in the shade 181N Rouge Saint Honore. I was gifted in by me relatives from England for my birthday last year but only wore it a few times. On the Lancôme website it doesn’t look as vibrant or as blue as it is in real life. I’m not sure if you can get it in NZ, but if you can find it I would definitely reccomend it. I find it bleeds a little after I eat, but I don’t wear lipliner and I think that would help it.

So there we go, my favourite stockings and lipstick as of right now.

Thanks for reading!