Value Heaven – Ebay Longline Bra

Hi everyone,

I know longline bras are one of the pinup staples but it can be difficult to make an investment in something you aren’t sure will fit or flatter you. So I tried a cheap longline bra I bought from Ebay to see if it’s worth it! I puchased it from the store Value Heaven and I obviously bought black, but it is also available in white.


This bra size range is from 34-46 back size and B-DD cup sizes. At the moment I am a 32E so I purchased the 34DD and decided to make a small alteration to take it in. The waist measurement on the 34DD unstretched was 27” and it stretched out to 36” which is a huge amount of stretch and meant it didn’t have a lot of shaping on me. I think on a 34 band size it would be a much better fit and wouldn’t need taking in.

The before is above and the after is below. As you can see I took a large amount of fabric out of the wing. I did this through the same method as my Taking in a Bra Tutorial. The finished measurements were 22” unstretched and 29” fully stretched, this fits my 28” waist very snugly now.


One issue I had with quality was that one of the hooks from the second row was missing when I received it, as you can see above. Of course being a cheaper option it was going to have some quality compromises. The back strap elastic sewn to the back of the wing isn’t finished and is just a raw edge, but as this doesn’t fray it isn’t an issue. The sewing is relatively even and there aren’t any other glaring issues.


This is a lot more of a softer shape compared to more structured reproduction bra makers such as What Katie Did or Secrets In Lace. The fabric is stretchier and the foam in the cups is a lot less rigid. I like this for a more subtle and natural look and feel. I also love that it has no wires! I find due to the longline and fitted nature there is no issue with it gaping on me and my breasts still feel very secure.

The cups have a rather wide set shape, so your bust may not have a huge amount of forward projection. The breast tissue is still fully contained, it is spread more to the side of the cups and bra. For people with wider set breasts this will probably work amazingly for you.


The lace is different to the Ebay model, which is something that isn’t too unusual in the lingerie industry. Due to availability and cost materials can change between the model and actual versions. I actually like this lace a lot more than the one modelled. The elastics, findings and main body fabric are still the same.


The low back is extremely versatile as you can wear it with deeper cut garments and you will still have a sleek silhouette. I also love bras with low backs as they look so beautiful.

I do want to address any thoughts as to this bra seeming familiar. I believe this is the same cut and made in the same factory as the old House of Satin styles. As you can see in this review by Quirky and Curvy it is almost identical to the bra I am wearing. House of Satin have since reworked their line and produce more polished and styled garments. I like that very afforable still exists AND it’s made in the UK!


I bought the bra here from Value Heaven and it cost me around $30NZD including shipping. No you aren’t getting incredible quality or a structured garment but for only $30 this is a good way to take a dip into the world of retro lingerie without spending a huge amount of money. I would recommend this bra for people just getting into this style of lingerie and on a strict budget. For seasoned veterans it isn’t worth it, I will continue to wear it as it is the only longline bra that currently fits me.

Brands I really recommend for vintage lingerie and longline bras are: What Katie Did, Triumph, Secrets in Lace and Dita Von Teese. Search “Longline” in my search bar to find other reviews of longline bras I have covered in my series ‘The Great Longline Bra Quest’.

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Triumph Endless Comfort Wire-Free Bra Review

Hi all,

Welcome to another vintage style bra review. Today I am reviewing the Endless Comfort Wire-Free bra by Triumph. I have previously reviewed and adored their Poesie bra so I definitely had high hopes for this.

I bought this bra as I was desperately searching for a wire-free bra is my local stores -read: Farmers and Bendon. I have recently gone up a cup size and grown to despise wired bras so I just really wanted a new bra that fit my criteria.


I was drawn to this bra particularly because it was black, most wire-free bras in NZ are either white, beige or made of flimsy lace and aren’t made in over a C cup. Also with a name like Endless Comfort I couldn’t not try it!

I really love the subtle brocade of this fabric, I’m never one for a plain plain bra and this accompanied with the shiny semi-sheer neckline really add some interest. The inside of the cups is lined with a soft knit fabric which feels lovely and soft when worn.


A close up on the detail of the bra. The tiny bow is so sweet and such a cute little addition. The seams are all beautifully neat and sewn to lay flat against the skin, they are not scratchy or itchy. In fact neither is the elastic, all types used have luxuriously soft plush backs.


At first I was a little hesitant to buy it due to it’s thick straps. I always shy away from the ‘comfort shoulder’ style bras as it isn’t something that I require in a bra and I don’t want it to feel too bulky of ruin the lines. These straps are slightly wider over the shoulder but don’t have any padding which I like, they feel very comfortable and never dig in whatsoever!


This bra has a slightly pointed look which I love for everyday wear. It’s not as sharp as the What Katie Did Padded Bullet Bra, nor as round as the Lovable Lacey and Seamless Soft Cup. I believe I’ve mentioned before that I am not a fan of the spherical breast look and it’s nice to have something easily available that doesn’t fit that mould.

Edit: The size range for this bra is 12D-24DD with many of the band sizes going up to an F cup

I bought the size 12DD as they don’t go down to a 10 band size, I would normally be a 10E. I find the band to not be too loose and the thickness of the stretch really helps that. I find the cup size to be a great fit on me, I tried the 12D and it was just a bit too tight in the cups. I definitely think these cups would suit a large variety of breast shapes as the cups do have a bit of stretch to them. The cups are also full coverage, so the neckline is a little high but I don’t wear a lot of larger necklines anyway.


The fabric used for the wings is extremely comfortable and it has a nice thick stretch to it. Having three hooks and eyes is also sooo much more comfortable and supportive, and these have a lovely plush back. The care and composition details are actually on a removable tag, so they can be easily removed. The only tag on the inside is a small woven ‘Triumph’ label which I have not found scratchy, or actually noticed at all!

The Triumph website claims that this bra “will have you wanting to wear it everyday” and over the weekend I was moving (a very long and intense three days) it was actually the only bra I reached for.


I bought this bra for the regular price of $69.99 which is a pretty average bra price I would say. This has definitely been worth it for me. I wear this bra more than any of my other’s currently as it is just so darn comfortable (endlessly one might say) and has such a shape that I love.

I have to admit this is another bra which I have accidentally gone to bed wearing so if that doesn’t sell you I don’t know what will. If you are looking for another vintage style bra to try or even just want to try wire-free a spin I definitely recommend this.

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Fully Fashioned Stockings – What Katie Did Lingerie Review pt.3

Hi all,

Welcome to the end of my What Katie Did review, sorry this one was so long in coming. If you haven’t yet read my other reviews you can read about the Padded Bullet Bra here, and the Liz Suspender Knickers here.

Today I will be talking about the Point Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings. These were my first ever pair of fully fashioned stockings so I was unbelievably excited when I received them. It has been years since I first discovered Fully Fashioned Stockings (FFS) but I have always been hesitant on buying them. I tend to be quite hard on my stockings and I’m not sure I own a single pair without a little run or snag in them. They are also quite a bit more expensive than the regular stockings I buy but boy are they worth it.


When I first got them I had to open the packet and feel what they were like. They are like nothing I’ve ever touched before. I don’t want to get too poetic but it almost feels like you are touching the mist of a cloud or something equally as soft and close to nothing. Anyone who came round to my house would be forced to feel how amazing they were – and I made careful to inspect their hands first.

I waited until I was taking the pictures for this blog post to try them on just in case anything happened to them. They feel so luxurious and I love the slightly scratchy sound they make. I always thought the welt and keyhole was such a gorgeous detail and it’s so interesting to be able to examine it close up. You have to be very careful when putting these on as they can snag easily. I found it also a good idea to shave your legs the day before, or on the day of wearing these just in case your hairs catch. If you don’t shave your legs at all I think they will be fine as the hairs will be longer and a touch softer. I have gloves which are advised to use when putting them on but I find just checking my nails around the edges was fine.


In their fit notes What Katie Did say these are made for sizes 12-16 and if you are outside of these to consider sizing up or down. I usually fit about a size 16 in my hips and am around 5’5 (165cm) so I bought the size Medium which is recommended for 5’4-5’8. These fit perfectly on me, I don’t get any bagging around the ankle and the foot length was pretty spot on too. They wouldn’t go too much higher up my leg than I have them in these photos. With stretch stockings I generally prefer to wear them at an ‘opera’ length so covering my full leg. Because these are so special I really don’t mind.

I have to say I haven’t worn them out of the house yet because I haven’t really had an event which has felt special enough to. I am very looking forward to it though. I think these definitely should be worn with at least a 6 strap suspender belt as they did sag quite a lot with the Liz knickers, which are just 4 straps.

These are made in the UK on the traditional machines that were used back in the 40’s and 50’s. If you are interested in learning more and about the differences between these and regular sotckings then What Katie Did have this great informative video.


What Katie Did’s fully fashioned range is priced between £20-£25 depending on the heel detail. The Fully Fashioned Point Heel Stockings cost £20 which is about $35 NZD right now. I think this price is definitely worth it for such a beautiful and delicate item. It is a little more pricey than the regular stockings from Farmers but you get so much more out of it. I definitely think it is worth it to have these, I am excited to wear them out to events and I feel so good in them.

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Liz Suspender Knickers – What Katie Did Lingerie Review Pt. 2

Hi everyone and welcome back to part 2 of my What Kate Did review! If you missed out on Pt.1  you can catch up here.

Today I will be talking about the Liz Suspender Knickers, a piece from their Liz collection which focuses on soft-cup bras and comfortable pieces. I had thought about purchasing this set for a long time before now. Generally at least one colourway pops up in their larger sales and I’m always tempted. I did purchase the bra but returned it for fit issues.


I have heard a lot about these knickers, predominantly – these are extremely comfortable and it’s so convenient having an all-in-one suspender brief. At first I wasn’t so sure as there are only 4 suspender clips and I am a 6+ kind of gal. I have worn these with stockings a few times, including the day I took these photos. I find they work well at keeping stockings up (essential) but when I wear seams I do have some twisting. The problem is when I sit the suspender straps slip to the sides of my legs so it pulls the stockings along with them. I will definitely continue to wear them, but will try to only wear my non-seamed ones when I am. The Liz collection also comes with a 6-strap suspender belt.

I find these underwear to be EXTREMELY comfortable. They are the kind of underwear you want to wear when you’re having a crap day and need to feel good, and also the kind of underwear you want to wear when you are feeling great and want to kill it. The first day I wore them I couldn’t believe how little I felt them and how comfy they were. After a few wears I have noticed if I wear them overnight they can become a little tight around the legs, but I discuss this later with the fit.


One thing I do like is that they are actually made from one pattern piece so there is just a single seam at the back. This would make them ideal for snug dresses as they also have a bit of shaping power due to the fabric and stretch. The fabric also gives you a lovely smoothed shape, having larger hips I love how it flatters them and makes them look soft and round. I do like that they used scalloped elastic as it gives them a little more detail. Speaking of elastic, the full coverage and wider elastic means it does shape your bum a bit. If you have been slacking with exercise and yoga (like some of us) then it is a welcome feature.

The suspender straps are great quality with metal clips, hooks and sliders. I had no issues at all with grip and my stockings have felt secure every day I’ve worn them. I really like the toothed sliders as they offer better grip and have a lovely vintage feel. They are great when worn without the suspender straps as well, and I love that versatility. I love to wear them with a t-shirt and stretchy pants (I sometimes need to for my study, shock horror I know) as it helps to define my waist and gives me a little boost of confidence.


I ordered the size 14 as I wanted them to fit my waist and they were made to be stretchy. The size 14 is made to fit a 29” waist and 39” hip. At the moment I am about a 29” waist and 43” hip and I still found them very comfortable. The one issue I do have is that if I wear them overnight the inner of the leg holes do feel a little tight and uncomfortable when I wake up. It isn’t a huge bother, I think the size 16 with a 41” hip would feel better but I didn’t want to sacrifice the waist fit. If I felt so inclined I could buy the larger size and take in the waist. I think I could gain or lose a little weight and I think they would still fit perfectly. The fabric is slightly thicker but has a nice taut stretch, so it has mild shaping properties but also feels wonderful.

Another thing I love about the pattern is the way the leg holes are cut a little high at the front. I have already mentioned the ‘perks’ of the way the back is cut but the higher front flatters the leg and elongates it at the perfect spot. This is ideal for the shorter ladies, and anyone really as it is so flattering. They also hit at the true waist which is something that is actually very difficult to find these days. Especially having larger hips means the rise isn’t usually long enough so I either end up with a wedgie or a mid-hip fit.


I am a HUGE fan of these knickers and would love to swtich my entire collection of briefs into them. I wish they would release the suspender knickers in all their Liz colourways – I for one would be all over that. They fit and feel great while also being ethically made, how much better can you get!

They cost £29.50 or about $53 here. Although this may seem a little pricey for briefs it is entirely worth the cost. They are simple, elegant and comfortable as having the convenience of a high-waisted knicker and a suspender belt! Also I can guarantee these will be a favourite, I wash mine at least once a week so I can keep them in quick rotation! If you haven’t ordered from them before I believe you can get a 10% off coupon from signing onto their emails. They are one of the few brands who I enjoy getting emails from as their lingerie is to die for and they have some great informative blog posts too.

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Satin Padded Bullet Bra – What Katie Did Lingerie Review Pt. 1

Hi all,

As we all know I love vintage lingerie, be it vintage or reproduction. That’s why this year for my birthday I decided to treat myself to a large order from What Katie Did. I’ve recently changed bra size and had some weight issues due to health reasons so I wanted to get myself something that would make me feel and look good.

I actually ended up returning the Kate Longline Cone Bra and the Liz Bra because they didn’t fit me quite right. I was quite sad because they look fabulous on some people but just didn’t work for me. This feeling was quickly gone though as the stuff that did fit is PERFECT(review spoiler)!


What I am wearing (and reviewing) is the Satin Padded Bullet Bra, Liz Suspender Knickers and the Point Heel Fully Fashioned Stockings. This post is just part 1 where I will discuss the bra, stay tuned for parts 2 and 3 where I will discuss the knickers and stockings!

Something I also have to mention before I get into it is that What Katie Did do manufacture ethically. Katie is always very transparent about manufacturing and here is one of her many posts if you would like to read up about it.


I need to talk about this spectacular bra. I love a good bullet bra, and the more extreme the better in my opinion. I understand that this isn’t an ‘everyone’ bra but I do wish everyone could experience wearing one at least once. This is actually the bra I have found myself reaching for the most often since I received my order.

As you can see it is a very strong and striking design, the circle stitching is a lovely classic detail but the padded extreme point lends itself to the fetish stylings of the 1950’s. I also love the little peeking hole between the cups. This bra will definitely be visible with wide or scoop necks which is a small drawback, but when worn with a higher neck it will be more striking.


Having smaller shoulders I was actually worried about how far the straps reach around the back, but as they are attached so close together at the front I haven’t had them slide off even once! The band is quite snug on me but still comfortable, it is definitely minimal stretch but true to size. This bra would be perfect to wear with wide or open backed dresses. I am very tempted to design a lush evening gown just to wear this bra under.


The bra has no underwire but probably the best support I’ve ever had. The cups are so sturdy and structured and with the snug band and well placed straps everything just feels to secure. The full coverage also means there’s never any risk of spillage, even if you are wearing a size too small. I find that due to the lack of underwires I don’t experience any digging in toward the end of the day (when I am relaxing on the couch)  which is wonderful and means I can wear the bra right up until I go to bed.

I bought the size 32DD/E as I fit around a 10DD at the moment. This fits pretty well, but I think if I was going to buy another (as I’m considering the peach) I might size up to the 32F. This fits pretty well but I find that I have a little too much breast tissue at the top which can make the points droop a bit. But it’s just something I would consider, but I do love the fit and comfort of this one. I found What Katie Did’s Cathedral bras fit me well which you can read about here, but I’ve previously had a Marlene one which felt a little small so it might just be how the bullet styles fit on me.


The Satin Padded Bullet Bra costs £39.50 which is about $72NZD, this is a great price. The Poesie bra by Triumph is in a similar vein but without padding and costs $60, so the What Katie Did one is great value, and it is made ethically. I find it to be super comfortable and fun to wear, it makes such a great silhouette under vintage style pieces. If you have trouble filling out the busts of true vintage dresses this style of bra will also definitely help as it has a lot of projection.

I love this so much I’m considering purchasing the peach as well and getting some of the CC09 French Knickers to match. If you have at all considered taking the plunge with this bra I say go ahead. What Katie Did also have a fantastic returns service which I discovered when I had to return some items if you don’t end up being too keen on it. Stay tuned for Part 2 where I cover the Liz Suspender Knickers!

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Lingerie Of The Month – Bedjacket Self-Portraits

This month I decided to start taking part in Lingerie of the Month! This is an Instagram hashtag which is organised by @tempest.hurricane, @premiumhoney and @pink_and_kawaii_till_i_die. Every month there is a new theme and it gives you a chance to show off your lingerie collection! This months theme is Vintage lingerie so of course I decided to join! I’ve seen it around for a few months and always wanted to join in but wasn’t sure how or when to start.

This post will be a photo heavy one. I was just playing around with some of the lingerie I have and I have decided that I’ll do a few posts showcasing the different types of pieces I have. This first post will be about bed jackets.

Nowadays bed jackets are synonymous with junk mail order catalgoues and old people but they can also be glamorous and functional. These are perfect for the kind of person who likes to go to bed and read while sitting up as they was you can still stay covered and warm above covers. They are also a nice addition over a nightie to keep it a little more modest.

I currently only own two and I believe both were made in the early 1960’s. One is made of a thin blue nylon tricot with white lace detail and the other is made of a different type of nylon in light pink with white lace trim also. In these photos I am also wearing a blue 1950’s nightie.



This bed jacket has a faux bow tie in the centre front, this is stitched in place and it actually fastens with a button. I love the pleating and lace on the bust of the nightie too it’s a very flattering cut and style.




I wasn’t wearing lipstick today as I had a dental appointment but I quite like how it softens the look.







I liked creating a few different moods in these shots, and I love taking self portraits! Ever since I started studying photography in high-school I have adored being the photographer and model and I ended up the only model in my second and final year portfolios. I enjoy being able to control the look of the shot in all aspects and I have so much fun when I’m playing a character like in the darker shots.

Triumph Poesie Lingerie Review

Hi all,

Time for another lingerie review! I was in Farmers the other day trying to find some new lingerie (I haven’t purchased any for several months). I was mainly looking in the clearance section to see if there was any Dita Von Teese I might have missed. I suddenly thought ‘I should try something new and different’. So I scuttled my way to the other end of the lingerie department to the Triumph section, full of beige and white (not my thing) Granny style underwear (very much my thing).

After a little while of browsing I settled on buying the Triumph Poesie Support Bra in Beige and the matching Triumph Cotton and Lace Full Brief in Beige. I was drawn to these as I could see the bra had a pointed cup shape, rather than the modern rounded shape, and do I really need to explain the high-waisted briefs?

*If you see some lines from my clothing it’s because I took these pictures after a full work day.


This bra starts at a 12B and goes up to a 24DD. There are no A cups and only go up to a maximum of DD in back sizes. I am usually a 10D sand I ended up purchasing it in a size 14B and taking in the wings as there was no 12C available at the time.


I find the cups fit really well for me. They are made with a non stretch lace with a sheer non-stretch lining so they do not lose or change shape. At the bottom of each cup there is also a soft – almost felt piece which helps to lift and support each breast. The cups are also separate and have a non-stretch frame that they sit in.


If it looks at all scratchy – it isn’t. I’m actually finding this bra my most comfortable at the moment, as I’m really noticing the wires in my regulars. This bra is seriously comfortable, I’ve had no digging in of anything and the lack of wires means I can sit in odd positions and still be comfy.


I actually took the sides in really lazily, I just did a row of black stitching and left the excess fabric in. At some point I may re-do it properly by moving the elastics round so there’s no break. You can also see the gorgeous cup shape in these pictures!


As you can see taking in the sides has meant the straps are very close to the underarms. I don’t notice it too badly, but if you need to have a bra taken in it’s best to be only 1 sister size away. The straps are also attached closer to the center on the front than regular bras which stops them slipping off my shoulders.


I think this bra is nice and looks really sweet. It has a very true vintage look which I adore! The colour is described as ‘beige’ but I think it’s actually better described as a very pale peach. It has quite pink undertones and isn’t as harsh as I find a lot of beige to be.


Also I am obsessed with the cup shape. This is my IDEAL shape. I find the rounded shape to be really boring and this makes my vintage clothes fit better. It’s also not super pointed, I think it’s very natural and subtle under regular clothing.


The briefs look really long in person, but when I tried them on I found they actually did not reach my natural waist! It was a total surprise! I’m still happy with them though, the non lace parts are 100% cotton which makes them suuuper comfy. Also it’s summer at the moment here and I’ve found them great for combating the heat.


Here’s a silly picture of my showing off the points!

The bra costs $54.95 and the brief $15.95, so I think this is a great way to try out vintage style lingerie for a cheaper price. I wish this was available in black but unfortunately only few of Triumph’s styles come in it. I find this bra to be super comfortable and the briefs are too. Ideally you would buy your regular size but as they don’t do larger cups or smaller backs you may have to go for a sister size.

Hope you enjoyed this post! I know I enjoy the lingerie!