Here I will just be answering a few frequently asked questions I get. If you’re wondering anything else feel free to comment!

Why/How do you draw your eyebrows on? “They look like stickers!”

I love the look of drawn on eyebrows, and my ‘natural’ brows are the most awful shape even with numerous attempts at having them shaped. I’ve been removing my ‘real’ eyebrows and drawing them on for well over 6 years now. I really like the look of it and it suits and helps define my style.

When I have black hair I draw them on with gel eyeliner, which is what I did for the majority of the 6 years. With green hair I use a green eyeliner to pencil the shape and draw hair-looking bits and then I fill in the centre half with a glittery green eyeshadow.

Where did you get your look from?

I mainly developed my look at the tail end of high-school. I’m not strictly inspired by anything specific and my look still alters in minor ways over time. I’m very much inspired by the style of the 1950’s but I love to exaggerate the predominant features – liner, lips and brows. I’ve always been interested in ‘darker’ things. As a kid I was in love with the idea of being a witch and often dressed up as one for fun. I love horror movies, my favourite colours are black and red, and I also listen to metal. The intensity of my look and the gothier aspects just come from expressing my interests.

My look doesn’t really come from emulating and building on other people’s styles although you can see many people who draw from the same and similar influences.

Where are your glasses from?!

I have 2 pairs of prescription cateye glasses I regularly wear. I have had my black pair for over 3 years and they are LaFont Reedition frames in the style Gilda 100. I also have my bright red glasses which are by Face ā Face in the style Bocca Lova 4. I adore both sets and I purchased them from Geraldine Booth Optical and I can highly recommend them for unique and stylish glasses, as well as great service.

What is your job?

I usually have 1 bring-home-the-bacon job and then I sew and work on film sets as a side hustle to immerse myself in my passions. I just left Wellington where I was working a retail job and a hospitality job on top of my side projects (when I could fit them in) and it really wore me down. I’ve recently got a full-time job that won’t stifle my creativity and I’m looking forward to hopefully being more motivated with other things.

Can you make me something?

Sure, feel free to contact me through my facebook page Xamia Arc Clothing or DM me on Instagram and we can talk. I’ve been a professional seamstress on and off for the past few years and love making custom pieces.

Do you do sponsored posts?

I haven’t done any strictly sponsored posts however I have been ‘gifted’ items to review which is always mentioned clearly in the post. I 9/10 times purchase everything I review myself unless I am gifted it by a friend. If you are interested in having me feature something in my blog then feel free to contact me.

Can I talk to you/ can we message? Can you be my “sex gorl”?

No. Obviously there are exceptions but I get a lot of annoying men harassing me online. I do not want to be your wife/girlfriend.

I don’t often check my instagram DMs but if you’re genuinely interested in chatting about a shared interest (not how sexy stockings are) then feel free. And if you want any advice at all then of course you can message me. I may look intimidating but I’m actually quite a nice person.

How can I get the confidence to dress and go out in a pinup style look?

Honestly just do it; you have nothing to lose. If you’re worried about people looking at you, they are more than likely admiring how you look and your courage to strut your stuff. I feel so much better about myself with my makeup and circle skirts on and it gives me the confidence. Honestly if I’m popping to the dairy next door with no makeup and slob clothes on I definitely don’t have my usual power.

If you are a Wellingtonian and interested in joining the pinup/vintage style and scene check out the ‘Wellington Rockabilly/ Pinup/ Vintage Social Group’ on Facebook. I really miss being in the region and I met so many genuine friends here and they truely do welcome newcomers! The Wellington scene is very warm and welcoming and you’re more than encouraged to bring your own twist to the style.